Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

cabbage stirfry 045

  Lately all I wait for is lunchtime, is that weird? A new semester has started for us again so we have quickly become rattled with buying books (why are they so expensive???) attending classes and reading- reading- reading. I am lucky- this semester all my classes are online, which works out perfectly for me. Hubby attends night classes giving… 

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Green Tea Apple Spiced Drink

Apple spiced tea

Monday’s for me are always a struggle. I guess it’s the fact that Monday is always put aside for cleaning, laundry and organizing from the week before. I don’t mind the work- once I get started, but producing motivation for laundry is tough people. I’m sure all of you know how a pile of laundry can just look… 

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Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream

pipscupcakes 015

  This past weekend was my little girl’s 5th bday. I knew she wanted cupcakes since lately she has been obsessed with them, for her bday she wanted two cupcake books, a cupcake purse and cupcake stickers. Hmm.. a love for baked good,  I wonder where she gets this from?? She did have a special request, “I… 

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Jicama, Pepinos y Pina con Cacahuates


jicama, cucumbers and pineapple a dash of lime sprinkled with toasted peanuts Well our team did not make the playoffs this year, so our typical Sunday football games have been replaced with watching movies with the girls’. The girls’ are extremely happy they don’t care for football and hubby has banned any football watching due to his intense pain…. 

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Linguine with Basil Pea Cream

Basil Pea

  I have this green binder that haunts me, we have a love/hate relationship. Every month a new  magazine appears in my mailbox-  I instantly drop whatever I am doing to scour all the pages, happily tearing out ALL the recipes I want to make. These recipes go into that green binder, in turn the the binder keeps getting bigger and… 

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