Carrot Bread


Hello loves..first off I am super happy my mom (momo) decided to stay the whole week..I know I know so cool to have momo chilling with me and my peeps.. Anyways getting on to my post– at my house we ALWAYS have carrots..yes carrots and carrots and more girls love them, hubby loves them in his juice and I… 

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Snacking at Sweetlife’s

snacktime 005

 My girls’ are visual eaters…yes they appreciate colorful, playful and yummy snacks. Who am I to deny them ?  I want the best for little chicks and if this includes dolling up their snack tray…I’ll do it..I’m cool like that…


Chocolate Shortbread with Cacao Nibs and Sea Salt

nibs 064

    Recently I won a contest called Food is Love hosted by   Savor the Thyme  and The Naptime chef  with this pic Sweetlife. I was so excited!! because my friends the prize was chocolate from Scharffen Berger!! Well last week I received the package of loot and I was super pleased. In the box was a sampler pack of… 

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Sun-shiny Day!!

I was happy to receive this sunny awards yesterday from Denise then this morning I was also gifted this award from Devaki. I was super excited–I know how excited each and every one feels when they hit the publish button to submit their post–but to be praised by fellow bloggers–super awesome!! Denise your totally awesome and you know… 

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Fruit Infused Water

water 002

I love water..yes it’s my preferred daily drink. But recently when we all got sick I’m not sure why-but I was having problems staying hydrated. I think  in part  that my throat was killing me and I wanted something warm to soothe me in turn I was downing cups of tea.  Also when I’m sick my taste buds well at least mine… 

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