Sun-shiny Day!!


I was happy to receive this sunny awards yesterday from Denise then this morning I was also gifted this award from Devaki. I was super excited–I know how excited each and every one feels when they hit the publish button to submit their post–but to be praised by fellow bloggers–super awesome!!

Denise your totally awesome and you know it girl- she is the author of Quickies Morning, Noon and Night and her blog is FULL of interesting links like cookie jar, kitchen lust and trivia.  !! Devaki c’mon were like long lost sisters who found each other through the blog world-beautiful and sentimental posts make her one of my favs.

Now to pass on this lovely award to my fellow blogger friends here we go—-

Aux Delices Des Gourmet     –I love her blog- always creative and you always different- also she was the first to ever give me a award and I simply love her for that!!

Jess — She’s super funny and her mind is always going…Also I LOVE her pics- super talented and the girl can rock a bowl of oats–

Ildie–This chic is Hilarious and super sassy!! Her daily reads always crack me up..and she is only getting fitter and healthier documenting her weight loss journey…

Kurious–she’s fairly new to the blogging scene-but when I began visiting her I noticed she had a side bar of Sites I Stalk listed were tastespotting, foodgawker and Sweetlife–I’m being stalked Amazing!! she’s cool check her out!!

 Okay guys seriously I could be forever listing all my fav blogs —but you all know who you are…I truly enjoy reading all your post and am honored to receive your comments.  




  1. says

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve it, woman, your posts always brighten my day =)!
    & Thank you! Oh wow, I feel honoured, ahah. Of course youre being stalked, nothing unstalkable about you ;). I mean that in the best, most non-creepy way possible =P.

    ~Kurious Kitteh

  2. says

    Oh my goodness – Thank you so much, and a huge Congrats to you!! You are most certainly deserving.
    I need to remember this for tomorrow’s post- This is the second one now, and I’m so scatterbrained that by the time I hit publish, the important things I want to say fall through the cracks 😛


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