Carrot Bread

Hello loves..first off I am super happy my mom (momo) decided to stay the whole week..I know I know so cool to have momo chilling with me and my peeps..

Anyways getting on to my post– at my house we ALWAYS have carrots..yes carrots and carrots and more girls love them, hubby loves them in his juice and I use them to add crunch to our salads,  for soups,  steamed with rice and  I chomp on them while I watch basketball…did I tell you I simply adore basketball..well we will save that for another post..getting back to my carrots–momo’s here and when she’s here I like to impress her with my so called cooking skills..she totally rocks in the kitchen so I try to mix it up for her…

So this morning I happily said..”Let’s make this super bread using carrots..ya think?” She said “okay..”  Well  trying to act insanely organized- (I never am)- grabbed my juicer and began juicing away. She began to read recipe to me when she kinda laughed–“what’s wrong?” I ask  “the recipe says to let the bread rise for 12-18 hours.” she laughed.  So here I am posting my recipe at 12:30 am.  It’s late but my house smells heavenly. Well guys I bring you carrot bread baked in a dutch kneading required which is always a plus.. Enjoy!!  Trying to impress your mom works…give it a try..they get a kick out of knowing you adore them…

Oh ya, my mom said I was her coolest kid…so eat that lava, nina, and mike……haha love ya guys!!!

Click here for the recipe!!!



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    First you are so lucky, I wish I could have my momo here, she is so far, far, away. And I do that all the time start a recipe without read til the end, ooopsi.
    But wait paid of, your bread looks delicious and crusty.

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    That happens to me way to often…I find the perfect recipe and then realize I have to start a day ahead of time. Kudos to you for seeing it though anyway! Lovely carrot carvings as well.

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    Dear Bonnie – HAPPY EASTER ~~

    Here’s wishing you and your family all the best wishes of the season!



    PS – Just surfaced from my Easter baking….up till 2.00 AM! :)

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    Ahah, that’s great, that you and your mom get along so well =D. Also, I’m in love with your carved carrots and your bread looks divine!
    P.S: In case you don’t see my other comment, you can just e-mail your entry to the address above =). I look forward to seeing it!

    ~Kurious Kitteh

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    That’s some super good looking bread. I wonder what it tastes like (I’m obviously assuming carrots but my stomach thinks otherwise). And I’m sure it’d make my tummy happy being the crazy bread eater I am (someone that requests for more and more bread at a restaurant).

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    I just had to come to a “Bonnie” blog about food! When I took my first bread class long ago in Texas, I came home and started making bread. I was up until 3 a.m. and my family awoke to delicious aromas and a very cranky mom!


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    Oh, wow, that BREAD! Dare I say more impressive then Martha’s? This is something that I’d really like to try since my family in Toronto just got a juicer. I just need to invest in a cast iron pot…or perhaps I’ll try it with some pyrex and tin foil because I’m impatient.

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    usually, if i’m gonna go to the trouble to grate carrots, i fully intend to make a decadent cake. this bread looks awfully appealing though!!

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    Dear Bonnie – That bread looks like its out of an artisan bakery catalog! Gorgeous….wonderful texture and airy.

    As usual, your attention to detail with the carved carrots and the execution of the recipe is spotless!

    Lovely…and so healthy, full of vitamins with the carrots.

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

    PS – How lovely the warmth and affection between your Mum & you! Precious!

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    I love to cook for my Mom too, but Cauldron Boy always chases her away when she comes to visit. He has an Igor like effect on people! This bread looks really nice and rustic by the way…

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    What a gorgeous load of bread. I hope you’re having a wonderful visit with your mother. I loved the carrot photo, by the way. Have a terrific day. Blessings…Mary

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    I love the words on the carrots!! Reminds me of when a boss had written his name on his banana. Wait, that sounds so horribly cheeky! *porno music*.

    The bread does look lovely and magical. I need to try this on the weekend though. I can’t say that I could do this on a weeknight before work. I look like a zombie on a regular day. Don’t need a super zombie at work O_O

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    That bread looks divine. Hearty and full of goodness. I’ve never made bread, but if I did, I think this would be the one!

    Have a great day! :)

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    This looks beyond incredible – look at that crust!! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be investing the 18 hours anytime soon and I am terrible with breads..but I’ll gladly take a few slices off your hands 😛
    Gorgeous photos, too, as always :)

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