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Blackberry Muffins, again..

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Blackberry season is in full swing here in Texas, making for extremely happy mommy as they are my favorite berry,  so I am finding any excuse to use these puppies.  I have made these muffins so many times,  they were one of my first blog posts, they are perfect for breakfast, afternoon snack, they  freeze beautifully and travel well. Yup- these muffins have traveled to California, to help my little brother move into a new apartment, to Kansas to also help my little sis move into her new home and they have gone as far as Iraq in a care package for my hubby while he was deployed.  Don’t think you have to be limited to blackberries, use blueberries,  strawberries or any of your favorite berry. Enjoy..Sweetlife

Blackberry Muffins

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42 Responses to Blackberry Muffins, again..

  1. Blackberries are more of a late July/ early August event around here, but now I can’t wait for them to arrive! They’re usually overlooked in the excitement to gather raspberries, but this year I’ll definitely be sure to snag a good quart or two, if only to make lots of muffins. :)

  2. Another good idea for all the blackberries I’ve been buying at the farmers market! These sound amazing!

  3. Muffins + Fruit + Jenn = extremely happy. Guilt-free snacking, healthy with wonderful, juicy blackberries??? Cannot go wrong!
    “Winnah winnah, chicken dinnah” ;)

  4. Hey Bonnie! I’ve missed three of your posts! My Mom visited this week, so I’m really ‘out of it’ if you know what I mean…
    These look delicious. I’m drinking coffee right now, and the texture looks so good-would love one!

  5. Yum. I want one. Right now.

  6. Prettiest muffins ever. There’s nothing better than berry season!

  7. No blackberries here in Bulgaria, but I have a lot of raspberries that I think will work nicely!

  8. Think they would mind travelling a little further and making it to Singapore? Never had me a blackberry before….ain’t that sad?? :(

  9. I made mulberry muffins today! Beautiful Photo!

  10. Wow these look fantastic and there is nothing better than a blackberry that is ripe and juicy.

  11. Those look so delicious…I LOVE blackberries! Thanks for posting this…I will definately give them a try!

  12. Great recipe! I’ll have to keep this in my file for when our blackberries come in. Our property is covered with blackberries, nice to have alternative uses.

  13. Now I’ve got a craving for blackberry muffins, and simply must run to the grocery store!!! :)
    I love the fact that it’s a ‘light’ recipe. Bravo!

  14. It is market day tomorrow. I will have to pick up some berries! :)

  15. Absolutely gorgeous photos! The muffins look spectacular. The photo is magazine quality and the muffins themselves remind me of some I was served on a beautiful summer morning at a perfect bed and breakfast in Lucerne. Memories like that are engraved in ones senses forever.

  16. I just finished off (re: devoured) a box of blackberries yesterday! Too bad I didn’t see these first because they look delicious. Oh well, just an excuse to buy some more!

  17. This looks wonderful. I have never had a blackberry muffin. I will do some if I could fine some blackberries here. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  18. why am I seeing all this muffins rolling out of my monitor…. it must be my craving this morning! lol!

  19. HEB swiped our blackberries for blueberries, so I’m going blueberry crazy!

  20. Ces muffins semblent délicieux.
    Bravo mon amie.
    A bientôt.

  21. Yummie muffins…and sure blackberries look delicious :-)

  22. Berries looks GORGEOUS in muffins, all bleeding and plump in there!

  23. Impossible to resist such babies! Muffins are wonderful and so are blackberries. When both are paired then it is heaven on earth…



  24. Oh my! I just made a blackberry cake. I guess it’s time for me to make muffins, now. ;-)


  25. Oh, these look delicious. Thanks for the recipe! Blackberries are really cheap right now so it’s a good time to try playing around with them. :)

  26. Love it! I always love muffins with berries in them. I wuld love to try. The other day was at Starbucks and got myself a blueberry muffin. It was delicious but it left an unpleasant after taste in the mouth. Makes me wonder if it’s due to some preservatives and additives. Best is still homemade. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love your pictures…and I love those muffins!

  28. Keep making them…I’d keep eating them!

  29. I love your choice and your muffins, they are so beautiful!

  30. In Italia i muffin con la frutta li ho visti per la prima volta in Autogrill, da quando li ho assaggiati (e pensato che avrei potuto fare di meglio) questi squisiti dolcetti con la frutta accompagnano anche le mie merende…colazioni…e dopo pranzo…a volte ci sta bene un morso anche prima di andare a nanna ^_^ non so per quale motivo nel mio blog non li ho ancora postati, forse perchè finiscono talmente in fretta che non faccio in tempo a fotografarli O.O
    Ti abbraccio

  31. These muffins sound scrumptious with blackberry!

  32. I’ve never thought to make blackberry muffins and they sound so good! I’m putting blackberries on my shopping list!

  33. I wish they would make them their way down to Miami. I would love some!

    Great job!


  34. I´d love to try these. I like muffins but don´t make them as often as I should :D
    Great pic!

  35. These look so delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had blackberry muffins. Yummy!

  36. This sounds like one yummy muffin! I will definitely have to try your recipe! Thanks!

  37. The problem with me and berries are that they get practically all eaten up before they even make it into a recipe;o)

    Lucky you to get them locally. We still have a little while to go.

    I do love berries in all their splendour.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  38. In NC our blackberries have not yet arrived, but I can’t wait! These look delicious! And what a great idea to post them again, some readers might not ever sift through our old recipes. Brilliant!

  39. LOVE.

  40. I adore blackberries…I only wish they were cheaper here in Colorado. I will have to try this recipe with blueberries.

  41. I’ve never use blackberries…great idea! Nice photo!


  42. Hi! Yum!

    So I have some questions for you about these beauties!
    The other day I made some muffins (http://laurenslittlekitchen.com/2010/05/27/let-them-eat-muffin/), and had a bunch of blackberries to use up, and considered adding them to the batter… but I looked around the web and a lot of folks were saying that blackberries yield too tart a flavor in muffin baking, so I chickened out and just used the berries as garnish. How did they work for you? I’m okay with some tartness, and I adore blackberries, so I’m open for a natural taste, but not everyone I bake for is, you know?

    Anyway, gorgeous work! Yum!

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