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Go Texan – Restaurant Round Up – El Terco Seafood- Mc Allen, Texas

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This week Go Texan is celebrating the Lone Star taste of local Texan products, produce and Texas talent in a Restaurant Round Up that feature these wonderful products all to support local foods banks and officially kick of Texas Wine Month.   When I received the email of this event I knew I wanted to participate.  I love promoting local products from my wonderful state, but mix in the chance to meet the talent who cook this fabulous meals all while supporting their local food banks makes  for a win- win evening.  The night was even sweeter with my little sis being in town from Kansas, so off we went along with hubby to enjoy a a wonderful meal.  Each participating restuaraunt featured local Texas wines with their Go Texan menus.  At first we struggled with our decision on where to dine, with so many local restaurants,  but in the end decided on El Terco Seafood  Restaurant.  El Terco (stubborn one) affectionately named after owner  Gabriela Herrea’s husband has only been open for 6 months. 

When we walked in the atmosphere was casual, the smells for the tiny kitchen were welcoming and the staff was friendly (which is always a plus).  We were quickly seated and menus were graciously offered.  We had the pleasure of being waited on by Gabriela herself, but from the looks she is hands on every night.  She walked from table to table happily knowing her customers were enjoying their plates of steamy seafood.  The menu was largely shrimp based, a few fish plates and simple sides.

On her recommendation I ordered the Ahillo plate - Catfish sauteed in butter with garlic (LOTS) and ahillo peppers. The chile offered  great flavor with very little heat. I loved the color the chile gave the plate and thick slices of garlic are always welcomed. The chile closely resembled a guajillo chile in the color and soothing backdrop of smoky flavor.   Served along side rice and beans I really enjoyed my plate.  I must also add the refried beans were awesome.  In Tex-Mex or Mexican eateries,  refried beans that are properly made can guarantee you many loyal customers.     Price  $8.99

My little sister ordered the Costa Azul plate which was quickly devoured.   Juicy breaded shrimp stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in bacon and then deep fried. In one bite you were treated to smoky flavor from the bacon, oozing cheese and beautifully seasoned shrimp. We all decided at the table that these puppies must be recreated to enjoy on Sunday with our football fare.  Price  $10.99

Hubby decided on Filete Rellano de Camaron .  Lightly fried fish fillets stuffed with a tomato based sauce with shrimp, olives, banana peppers, celery, capers,carrots, onion, bell pepper and cheese.  I loved the comfort factor of this dish.  As you cut into your fish the thick tomato broth spilled out with layers of shrimp, capers and olives.  All three of us enjoyed this plate. Hubby loved the briny kick of both capers and olives.  Price $12.99

A local wine was featured along side our meal in Go Texan glasses.    I greedily wanted to ask Mrs. Herrea if I could purchase one of these beautiful glasses, but I knew she would showcase them throughout the week.  A Texas wine 10.99

For a complete list of Texas Restaurants participating in this great event…click here

STE Genevieve was the featured wine for the night.  A Texas Red was poured into our glasses the  entire night while we ate, talked with Mrs. Herrea and laughed in each other’s company.  I enjoyed myself silly on our night out.  The food was delicious, the wine was rich and the company was unforgettable.  I hope you enjoyed my over view of our evening.  If you are a fellow Texan I urge you to go out and support this wonderful event.

Mrs. Herrea standing next to a picture of her Husband (El Terco).

I thank her for her time, her genuine love for her new place of business and most of all her support of all that is Texas.

***Sweet Life bring you this post on her behalf,  we gladily paid for our meals in support of Texas food banks**

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27 Responses to Go Texan – Restaurant Round Up – El Terco Seafood- Mc Allen, Texas

  1. Hellow!

    I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

    I have added your site to my site.

    Please link my site to your site.

    Thank you!

  2. Do you have any good tamale recipes?

  3. They all look delish, but I think I like what your hubby had the best. Looks amazing. Can I come with you next time? :)

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner

  4. A terrific event! Would love to try that Texas wine!

  5. One of my close friends is a proud, proud Texan. I think she’ll flip out over this post. Must fwd it to her now. :-)

  6. I always enjoy posts that sum up these events. It’s good to get a glimpse into your life outside your kitchen and in your community. I’m so impressed that Texas has its own wine. Is there anything your state won’t do?

  7. I really like your pride on being a Texan ;] Sometimes, I have to literally pinch myself as I feel like I’ve woken from a dream.

    …I’m Canadian? Really? What…I’m a part of this country? This here land? Those stars? Oh, right, I share those with the rest of the global citizens. But I get to call this country home? …Sweet.

    Those foods sound delicious…even the plain white rice looks so nice and savoury…

  8. I always love how devoted you are to celebrating local food and restaurants. Such a good cause to get behind! Especially when the food is as tasty as this! great restaurant review!

  9. What a wonderful place and OMG the food!!!!! All I could think of is how many days I need to quit eating so I can enjoy this spread! :)

    Love the celebration of local explosive flavors.

    So glad you got to enjoy this :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  10. It looks like an amazing place. It’s so cool how an event celebrating your local food scene exists!
    & I do love that wine glass =).


  11. I love Mexican cuisine!! And reading this post reminds me that I haven’t had a good Mexican dish in a LOOOOONG time! The Filete Rellano de Camaron looks and sounds amazing!

  12. wow the shrimp sounds so good what a fun evening wish Texas wasn;t so far from me lol Rebecca

  13. I love The Terco ,it’s the best seafood restaurant in The Rio Grande Valley ,I try this food every weekend,I recomend the fride catfish

  14. What a cool post Bonnie, the food looks delicious. I love Tex- Mex food. yummmm. Have a great weekend.

  15. What a great foodie event, and I can only say I feel left out. The food you showed us looks absolutely amazing. Just yummy, and I love the “Go Texan” glasses.

  16. Bonnie…everyone seems to be doing their part. You, for reviewing such an excellent and reasonbly priced establishment and them for helping their community.

    Hopefully one day I’ll get to experience great Texan hospitality also ;o)

    Ciao for now and have a wonderful weekend,

  17. I’ll go anywhere with good refried beans and good catfish. For Texas staples, they’re sure hard to find!

  18. yummms! look at all that delicious! cannot have food without wine sometimes eh? glad you all enjoyed it!

    its FRIDAY! Have a lovely weekend!
    jen @ http://www.passion4food.ca

  19. El Terco looks like a great place to dine!

  20. oh good Lord, you are killing me with those photos, every dish looks and sounds so wonderful and delish,,, makes me want to recreate every one of them….

  21. I wish I were in Texas to try these dishes! They look wonderful.


  22. They do everything bigger and better, eh?

  23. Hey Bonnie, El Terco sounds like a wonderful place. The food actually looked like real food and the prices were so reasonable. We don’t have real food down here in Florida (smile). Oh, and if we do it cost like 3 times what is listed above-sad but true;)!
    Plus, it’s so nice that ‘Go Texan’ is promoting Texas made foods while helping local foods banks. That’s just good business…
    p.s. I know this is going to sound a bit dazed, but I had I no idea that Texas produced any wine. I suppose it just didn’t enter my mind that a desert could produce grapes?!

  24. Wow! That looks like some really, really good food at very attractive prices! Don’t you just love a good deal? I sure do! I wish we had events like this over here……

    I would’ve have wanted both the Ahillo and Costa Azul plates *slurp slurp slurp* ;)

  25. Great review Bonnie! It sound’s like the kind of place I’d like to go!

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  27. What a wonderful event! As a new Austin resident, I’m going to check this restaurant out! I loved seeing all the local wine and dish pairings. The food seemed top-notch, and I was drooling over that first plate! I’m a sucker for quality refried beans. Thank you for sharing this with us! Yay for Texas!

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