Monthly Archives: March 2011

Celebrating Cesar Chavez with Ancho Chile Bean Sauce


“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with […] Read more



Warm tortillas dipped into a creamy bean sauce, topped with a spicy salsa and a […] Read more

Mango Cajeta Waffle Topping

  My little sister sent me this small paragraph in an email four years ago.   […] Read more

Sparkling Citrus Punch

  Spring is here, let’s celebrate!!  Enjoy ! ! Read more

Pepita Crusted Tilapia with Tomatillo Cream Sauce and Cilantro Potatoes


 Welcome to our St. Patrick’s celebration!!  Last year I was graciously invited to participate in […] Read more

Lavender Brownies with Lavender Chocolate Ganache

  Plans have been made, travel arrangements and delicious dining destinations have been chosen.  We are […] Read more

Cinnamon Grapefruitade

  My hubby owns, no take it back..owned a pair of shorts that I tenderly took […] Read more

Mac and Texas Cheeses with Roasted Chiles


As Catholics we observe Cuaresma (Lent) the 40 day (not including Sundays) penitential season that ends on […] Read more

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