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I was recently tagged by the lovely Jessica over at Kitchen Belleicious for the 7 Link Challenge.  So today I leave you with my 7 links.  Thanks Jessica!!

The Most beautiful post: Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies These cookies were my first blog post, so they will always be dear to my heart.



The most popular: Peach Margarita Who doesn’t love margaritas? I know I do.

The Most Controversial Post: Quinoa Every food site I submitted this picture too came back with UNAPPEALING!! Ouch!!


The Most Helpful Post: Quick Mole This recipe surprised me. 12 different people emailed me to say they loved it from 10 different states and none were food bloggers, AMAZING!!


The post that was surprisingly successful: Lavender Brownies I have to admit I did not think people would appreciate the lavender brownies, but they got rave reviews!


The post that did not get the attention it deserved: Breakfast Chalupas Come on!! These are amazing!! I got one comment!!

The post I am most proud of: Empanadas de Fresa I made these with my daughter when she was featured in Spanglishbaby!! So proud of her!



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    These are all wonderful and love the photos! I did miss the Breakfast Chalupas and went back to take a peak…they look delicious!
    P.S. I did not see this in time and tagged you again, disregard 😉

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    Admittedly…I’ll have to be back to give attention to what I’ve been missing.
    For now, I’ll go get those yummy looking cookies ;o)


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    Those food photo sites drive me crazy sometimes. Why in the world is your quinoa photo “unappealing”? I think it’s super imaginative and eye-catching. So phooey on those other sites. LOL

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    I am just about to do a post about my seven links, and it’s so exciting to browse through my blog reminiscing! I enjoyed reading through your links, and I understand why you chose the first blog as the favorite – I am also sentimental:)
    I wish that my sister is here (she went back to Germany yesterday), to mix up one of your summery margaritas, as the peaches in Serbia are fabulous and dirt cheap right now:)

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    I love seeing these posts…it’s such a great way for me to remember great recipes from my favorite bloggers! Need to check out those chalupas cause they DO look awesome!

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