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Chile Con Queso

queso, chile con queso,

Chile con Queso When I was pregnant with my second child all I craved was […] Read more

Homemade Grapefruit Soda

homemade soda, grapefruit soda

Homemade Grapefruit Soda I am dangerously crushing on sweet Texas grapefruit at the moment! I’m […] Read more

Mexican Pizza ~ Tlayuda con Chorizo y Frijoles

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    Tlayuda Up until my 17 birthday I spent every summer in Mexico with […] Read more

Easy Brisket Enchiladas

brisket enchiladas, quick brisket enchiladas

Easy Brisket Enchiladas   My life along with my table has become a fusion of […] Read more

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Chip Cookies

dulce de leche chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip cookiesss

Dulce de Leche Chocolate Chip Cookies Mi carino has been in Waco, Texas for the […] Read more

Café con Leche

cafe, cafe con leche, mexican coffee

  Café con Leche I got my first job when I was 16 at our […] Read more

Pozole Rojo

pozole rojo, red posole

  Pozole Rojo   Happy 2013! Pardon the interruption, but I had a bit of […] Read more