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Let the Holiday baking season begin!  Pastel, Pies, cookies, rolls, bunelos, tamales, ponche  and don’t forget the tamales.  It’s the Holidays Baby and have I got a giveaway for you.


In appreciation to you my loyal readers I’m excited to  team up with 10 amazing food bloggers. Bloggers who I adore, share my passion for food and strive to help you tantalize your family with new and exciting recipes week after week.   We want to say Thank You by offering you a chance to win a KitchenAid stand mixer. Enter to win below~ Good Luck!


The Bloggers participating,

Oriana from MommyHood’s Diary

Veronica from La Cocina de Vero

Pilar from En mi Cocina Hoy

Jeannete from Sazón Boricua

Ericka from Nibbles and Feasts

Melissa from Hungry Food Love

Nicole from Presley’s Pantry

Yoly from Savvy Mujer

Clara from Aunt Clara’s Kitchen and La Cocina de Tía Clara

Erica from My Colombian Recipes


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  1. cyndi says

    Tradition is that my ceramic reindeer hold a place of honor in the middle of the dining room table. A funny tradition but it’s not Thanksgiving dinner w/out him! He’s almost 30 years old lol

  2. JC Marc says

    Favorite tradition – we have so many. My Christmas breakfast. We celebrate on Christmas Eve, so on Christmas morning, I like cooked red-chili tamales, baked in the oven until they are crispy, with an over easy egg. Then we all laze and play with our gifts and eat leftovers. (Last year I played with my new iPad.)

  3. Leslie W says

    My favorite tradition is making cinnamon rolls every Christmas Eve from my grandma’s recipe. Every year I would get to stay up and help my grandma make pan after pan of cinnamon rolls for the family. After she passed I kept the tradition going and now my oldest daughter gets to help me make pan after pan of cinnamon rolls every Christmas Eve :)

  4. MaryB says

    My favorite holiday tradition is the annual Christmas eve brunch where family and friends gather to decorate a homemade Christmas tree, talk, laugh, eat and generally have an awesome time!

  5. Nancy Connolly says

    We make tamales and champurado for christmas morning when we all go to my moms house to open the presents. This year will be hard because it will be our first without mom but we have to keep the tradition going for dad and the grandchildren.

  6. Sandy Headtke says

    My favorite tradition is everyone helps in the kitchen and we all have our assigned task. No one ends up in the kitchen missing out on the good time. The good time is in the kitchen.

  7. Maureen says

    Opening one gift after late Christmas Eve mass and also making cookies after mass for “santa”. it is a nice way of spending time together.

  8. Margaret Flores says

    Was so excited about the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer that I forgot to mention our family tradition, since I live in Staten Island, N.Y.
    My two children live in Queens & Brooklyn, N.Y.
    We all gather at mom’s ( grandkids, spouses & anyone else who up for a good time ) about 7:30 pm and hang out, drink, eat, drink & eat some more, we share memories about the decoration’s on the tree that are older than my kids, we sing & make Merry and Santa has been known to stop in before he set off on his rounds a time or two and as the grandkids got older his distribution list got longer & took him further away from New York and it wasn’t logistically possible for him to stop by, but maybe by the time there are great grandkids around to share our family’s Christmas Eve get together he’ll have a faster sleigh and maybe once again he’ll get to join us.
    When we get together on Thanksgiving Day we put all our names in a bowl & then on Christmas Eve we do a gift swap, shortly after everybody heads on home to their own beds and come Christmas morning my children share their day with their spouses family members.

  9. Margaret Flores says

    I’m old school but old school or not this Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer would make my kitchen life so much easier. Good Luck to everyone. Someone is going to be one happy cook soon :)

  10. Janice says

    Our family tradition is flying my son home every year for the Holidays! He lives in Colorado and we live in Missouri! We have no family here in Missouri,so it mean so much to have our son here every year! Tradition to me is having him here for the Holidays!


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