By Nicole Newman | Jan 29, 2020

Salsa Verde Chicken Tamales

Strong female characters

With a filmography that spans nearly 40 years, Almodo has always been consistent with his memorable, outspoken, and nuanced female leads.


Salsa Verde Chicken Tamales made with chicken cooked in salsa verde until fork tender spooned onto a tender masa steamed in a corn husk - make for the ultimate holiday feast.



To make the masa: Place lard in a mixer and beat until very light. Add salt, cold water and continue beating until it is white and spongy. Add the baking powder and alternate adding the instant corn masa and the chicken broth. Continue beating until dough is fluffy.


To make the chicken in salsa verde:  Place chicken in slow cooker, season with salt and pepper. Add salsa verde, garlic powder and cumin. Cover and cook until chicken is fork tender. Remove the chicken and shred. Use to make tamales.


To assemble the tamales:  Soak the dried corn husks in hot water, then drain. Lay out a corn husk with the tapering end towards you. Spread the masa into a square, leaving a border on the sides. Place the filling in the middle of the masa square.


Pick up the two long sides of the corn husk, bring them together and fold the folded sides to one side, rolling them in same direction around tamal. Fold up the empty section of the husk, with the tapering end, from the bottom up.  Assemble all the tamales and place them in a container.


To prepare the tamalera or steamer:  Place water in the bottom pan of a steamer and bring it to a simmer. Line the steamer with one or two layers of soaked corn husks.


To cook the tamales:  Place the tamales into the prepared steamer with the open end on top. Cover with more corn husks, and steam covered with a lid. You know the tamales are ready when they come easily free from the husks.






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