Hummingbird Cake


At the moment I am living vicariously through  my little sis as she plans her wedding. 

But instead of a serene white setting filled with beautifully arranged centerpieces, I have my own vision.

It involves Billy Idol/ Guns n Roses. Can you picture it?   A horribly- gray,  rainy day, limos pull up to a dark lonely church.   The bridesmaids all dressed in shiny, black patent leather, dark lips and pale makeup.    The bride walks in carrying all black roses as Slash jams to “white wedding.”

My perfect 80’s wedding, I totally planned everything down to the last detail, even made mock little wedding cakes, and when I laid out my plan she laughed really, she laughed and said “ya like that’s gonna happen.”   

As reality crept in knowing she would never see my vision, I ate my small wedding cake and decided to make something I thought would better suit her taste. 

Sis I am truly happy for you, as you chose such a wonderful man to spend your life with, I wish you the best and may your home be filled with countless blessings.     


  little bite sized cakes, with sugared flowers


some simply piped  

frosted with sugared flowers

others cut tall, frosted and topped with Texas Pecans

This one’s my fav.

This was the first time I had attempted sugared flowers and they came out okay, next time I will give myself more time and wait until my girls are asleep.  They sugared coated the  poor flowers to death, I felt bad, but we laughed so much in the end it was fine.

A  detailed how to on sugaring flowers can be found on Karen’s blog Spice Sherpa, I found it very useful and always look to her for info on many spices.  Take a peek at her blog, she’s spicy sweet.  

My little cakes were super small, so in the end only one petal from the flower would fit on each one.  I used a hummingbird cake recipe, but would probably not use again, the cake was super moist making it hard to use my cutters.  The frosting is cream cheese.

Have a super weekend and a fun Memorial Day…I return on Monday and will visit each of your lovely blogs.

Hummingbird Cake

by Art Smith


3 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups granulated sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups chopped ripe bananas

1 cup drained crushed pineapple

1 cup vegetable oil

2 large eggs , beaten

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup (4 ounces) finely chopped pecans


8 ounces cream cheese , at room temperature

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter , at room temperature

1 pound confectioners’ sugar (about 4 1/2 cups sifted)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


To make the cake, position racks in the center and bottom third of the oven and preheat to 350°. Lightly butter two 9″ round cake pans, sprinkle evenly with flour and tap out the excess. (If you wish, butter the pans, line the bottoms with rounds of parchment paper, then flour the pans and tap out the excess.)

Sift the flour, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon and salt into a bowl. In another bowl, stir or whisk the bananas, pineapple, oil, eggs and vanilla until combined. Do not use an electric mixer. Pour into the dry mixture and fold together with a large spatula just until smooth. Do not beat. Fold in the pecans. Spread evenly into the pans.

Bake until the cake springs back when pressed in the center, 30 to 35 minutes. Transfer the cakes to wire racks and cool for 10 minutes. Invert the cakes onto the racks (remove the parchment paper now if using). Turn right side up and cool completely.

To make the icing: Using an electric mixer on high speed, beat the cream cheese and butter in a large bowl until combined. On low speed, gradually beat in the sugar, then the vanilla, to make a smooth icing.



  1. says

    So pretty! I love how simple and natural they are, almost Japanese in presentation. I love the name too – I absolutely adore humming birds. :)

    Your wedding fantasy is hilarious. I bet my older sister could relate!

  2. says

    That is the sweetest post-in all ways. And the cupcakes would be welcome here any time – all of them. My children are in college and still sugar everything way too much! Enjoy!

  3. says

    Growing up during the 80’s I can definitely relate to your wedding! In fact it still sounds kind of cool… The cakes are so pretty! Love the candied flowers – a very nice touch!

  4. says

    It is your sister’s wedding…I guess the 2nd cupcake must suit her personality best…however, If I were to pick…I found the 1st cupcake had more boldness and elegance. Just my opinion ;0)
    I also want to thank you for sharing your link to making sugared flowers…I was looking for something like that just the other day.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  5. says

    How exciting to see the sugared flowers on such lovely creations! Your photos are gorgeous and do your scrumptious looking cupcakes complete justice!

    Thank you for trying the recipe. The process does take a little effort but it’s fun. And the taste of violet is so interesting.

  6. says

    Once again Dear Bonnie, your creativity & presentation is stunning!

    How wonderful each one of your creations look. I have never tried sugaring petals but thanks to your post I really must venture out this summer :)

    Wishing your lil sis every happiness on her wedding day & her marriage. Have a wonderful time :)

    Hugs, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  7. says

    The cupcakes look very sweet and perfect for the wedding party. I’m sure your sister’s wedding is going to be a fantastic one. My best wishes to her!

  8. says

    I would have ok’d the white wedding theme 😉

    So sweet. I have a little sis too and I have to say, there is something really awesome about being a big sis, watching you little sister “grow up” :)

    The cupcakes look beautiful and I love the sugared flowers, very elegant.

    Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend – cheers!

  9. says

    Oh, how beautiful! I have a real soft spot for sugared flowers… Just love them! They add such gorgeous color and sparkle to any dessert.

  10. says

    Hey, I love your wedding idea and if I ever get married, will turn to you for inspiration. As for the cakes, they’re all works of art, truly and your photos are just incredible. I’d order a batch any day, with or without a wedding.

  11. says

    80s rock wedding: YES!!! Are you more White Wedding or November Rain? If you can mash them together, I’d say you’ve got rock goddess wedding perfection. The opening picture is completely ideal, loves it!
    Not saying the rest don’t look fabulous because they do. Love LOVE your pics and your ideas. xoxo

  12. says

    Your mini cakes are gorgeous! They look so original, and you made so many variations! I know moist little cakes are hard to cut out, but so good to eat:)

  13. says

    You are so funny. If you want to bake those little cakes with the black flowers for my (very much in the) future wedding, you are more than welcome to! I think they’re kind of cute.

    Congrats to your sister! How long to sugared flowers keep for do you suppose?

  14. says


    These are so, so beautiful!
    I think my favorite are the frosted with sugared flowers, these are so dainty and stunning and overwhelming but cute all at once!

    I truly, truly believe that things taste sweeter when made with love.
    (Which doesn’t stop me from eating a box of ginger snaps, but whatever…)

    Can’t wait to keep exploring!

    Lauren, Lauren’s Little Kitchen

  15. says

    So much work goes into wedding planning! Your little cakes look so pretty and delicious. The hummingbird cake recipe sounds tasty! Have a great time in Kansas!

  16. says

    Hey Bonnie, you and Chuls are so creative. These are adorable-only you would do all that cuteness and variety in decorating. Oh, and I think an 80’s wedding would rock like a hair band! I love that.
    By the way, I would love it if you took a look at my guest post over at Lazaro Cooks (smile)…

  17. says

    Hilarious! How did you get the little ridges on the sides of your petite cakes?
    I have also candied or sugared violets for years… your first one is my fav.
    Please send me the answer to this question as the little ridges add so much character to your sweets.
    Little sister my love having you holding her hand through this magical time in her life.

  18. says

    C’est un plaisir de regarder toutes tes réalisations.
    Les photos sont très gourmandes et donner envie de goûter à tout.
    See soon.

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