Bean Dip

My love for beans is well known.  I appreciate their simplicity, ease and endless supply of inspiration for quick week night meals featuring these protein packed buttons.  Like clockwork every week I prepare a pot of brothy beans.  As the week flies by they make their appearance at breakfast – refried with egg,  lunch – a steamy bowl garnished with tomatoes, queso fresco and cilantro or dinner – tossed with rice as a side dish or as the main course with enfrijoladas.  Read on bean lovers… When my pot whittles down to the last cup of beany goodness and I need one more meal I simply add pantry items to change their appeal all together.  I make bean dip.  Not your ordinary mushy mass of beans from a can that you get from your local store.  Okay rewind, you do need cans, but cans of really good beans to liven up this bean dip.  Choose your beans wisely, watch for those laden with sodium.. sodium and artificial fillers ..who knows what’s in there.    This bean dip features pinto beans, black beans, red kidney beans and canellini.  Take this recipe as a option add the beans you enjoy, I sometimes add chickpeas with great results.  This makes a heavy pot full, so invite friends over or hoard it all you for yourself, like I do. Enjoy! Sweet Life

Bean Dip

by Sweet Life

by Vianney Rodriguez

serves 8-10

2 cans (15oz) red beans

2 cans (15oz) black beans

2 cans (15oz) kidney beans

3- 4 cups brothy homemade pinto beans or 2 cans (15oz) pinto beans

1/2 onion chopped

3 tomatoes chopped or 2 cans diced tomatoes

2 garlic cloves

handful of cilantro chopped

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp chili powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

olive oil

garnishes- cheese, avocado, extra cilantro, crema or sour cream

In a skillet  add a swirl of olive oil, heat and add onions.  Cook until slightly soft about 4 minutes, add garlic and cook for another 2 minutes.

Drain and rinse all your beans, except your brothy homemade beans if using.

Add onion, garlic mix to your crockpot with tomatoes, cilantro, cumin, chili, salt, pepper and beans.

If you used the canned pinto beans instead of homemade and the mix is too thick add just a bit of water for moisture.

Cover and cook on low for about 4 hours.

Serve garnished with cilantro, cheese, avocado and crema.

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  1. says

    Ooohhh…this looks fantastic! Your photography is awesome, too. Makes me want to make the Bean Dip even more! Thank you so muc for participating in our first blog hop at RecipeLion. Hope to see you for the next one too!

  2. says

    Bonnie…your love for beans is very welcomed at my house. Now, all I need is to get cracking on getting myself a long awaited crockpot to make great recipes like these.

    Ciao for now,

  3. says

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who used beans a billion and 1 ways in a week! I too use beans in a lot of different dishes during the week….but I’ve never made a bean dip like yours, using multiple different types of beans. Very nice! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m sure my family will be thrilled.

  4. says

    I can’t resist a slow cooker bean dip!!
    We don’t eat beans very often, but this dip seems like a great snack for a movie night. I love the cumin and avocado in this too…mmm :)

  5. says

    Beans! I like how you’ve put it: protein packed buttons–that’s so cute. I’ve started eating more and more beans and I like how hearty and wholesome they are. This sounds delicious ;]

  6. says

    What a colorful and delicious looking bean dip! Most bean dips are mashed – I really like that you left the beans whole. So meaty and hearty!

  7. says

    Mmmm….looks very healthy and delicious. I’m really not good in cooking beans. I only have it as a dessert soup, especially adzuki and mung soup.

  8. says

    I don’t eat beans much, other than baked beans?? haha….
    My family doesn’t like beans, but I don’t mind them- but it means I have beans so rarely that I don’t really know the different types and what they taste like =S This bean dip looks very nice though =)

  9. rebekah says

    ah, my entire life we made a fresh pot of beans each week too. AND i made enfrijoladas last night for dinner. I’ve never made a bean dip with whole beans. Looks delicious!

  10. says

    Delicious nutritious and economical – that is my mantra!
    I serve this as a salad – but I love the dip idea.
    YUM… and it might even be good with a little pureed and then mixed back in as a dip.

  11. says

    You can never have too many recipes for bean dip- And since I tend to go the creamy, pureed route, this one would be a great way to shake things up a bit in that department. Yum!

  12. says

    I try to make beans at least once a week also! They are the perfect food to have on hand because they can be turned into just about anything! I love the fresh flavors of this dip!

  13. says

    wow, loaded with bean goodness, I have never had bean dip like this – normally I let mine cook way down, to the ‘mushy’ stage… this has the look and feel of a much fresher bean taste…

  14. says

    Wow, Bonnie. I just want all of this spread out in front of me right now, so I can have it for dinner tonight;-) Seriously. Oh, and I am a bean lover, obviously.
    Hey, but I want to know how you make your brothy pinto beans. I mean I make them too, but I want Bonnie’s recipe. Yeah (smile)!

  15. says

    Aren’t beans lovely? Not only are they super nutritious and tasty, but they are so affordable too! My husband and I make them 3-4 times a week, so I’m always looking for new recipes. This looks perfect. I would love to serve them with some homemade flour tortillas. Yum!


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