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How to Make Empanada and Sope Dough {Video}

Empanadas & Sopes 05;51

How to Make Empanada and Sope Dough {Video} One of my fondest memories is spending time in the kitchen with my mami making tender flaky empanadas stuffed with rich pumpkin filling.  Over the years I’ve shared a few recipes here on Sweet Life, but when Crisco reached out to ask if I along with Yvette… 

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Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies


I love Holiday baking. I love holiday baking with my children. Spending the day in the kitchen baking with my children is one of the best perks of being a mommy and a wonderful way to involve them in the kitchen. When teaching my children to cook I always begin with baking, it’s safer since… 

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Cranberry-Pecan Coffee Cake {Giveaway}


Cranberry-Pecan Coffee Cake I can see why coffeecake is so popular, they are delicious.  I am late bloomer to the affections of coffee cake.  The attraction for coffee cake came after I was married.  Growing up pan dulce served with breakfast was a treat or enjoyed mid-afternoon with a glass of milk.  It wasn’t until… 

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Piloncillo Candied Pecan Pie


Piloncillo Candied Pecan Pie Growing up November was a month we all looked forward to. Temperatures dropped the kick-off of pecan season and pie!  Pecan pie, pecan pie! A Texas Thanksgiving tradition pecan pie can always be found at the center of our table; after all it is our state tree.  My mami and abuelita… 

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Watermelon Salsa


Watermelon Salsa Have you heard this Texas joke? “Texas has four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas.”  Well that joke is 100% true. , fall is in full swing in every other state, but  get this… yesterday our temperature was highs in the 90’s. I’m half-heartedly complaining – As a proud Tejana I… 

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Mexican Chicken with Cashew-Chile Cream


 Mexican Chicken with Cashew-Chile Cream My Mami makes a creamy sauce from peanuts that she serves over chicken. It was one of my grandfather’s favorite dishes and over the years it has become one of recipes I crave as when the temperatures drop.   Mami’s peanut chicken dish is made with a whole fryer chicken, is… 

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Pinto Bean Sausage Quesadillas


 Pinto Bean Sausage Quesadillas Football season is officially back!  And every great football game needs great – football food! I enjoy having the entire familia over on Sundays, we lounge on the couches, kick up our feet and watch the game. I clear off the coffee table, throw on a tablecloth and set out platters of… 

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