Tlayuda {Giveaway} with @IMUSAUSA

Tlayuda 002

  Tlayuda A Tlayuda is a popular street snack in Oaxaca. This street snack consists of an over sized thin corn tortilla grilled over hot coals until crunchy. A thin layer of asiento (pork fat) and refried beans serve as the base. Toppings can include shredded cabbage, chorizo, thin slices of precooked meat or pork, onions,… 

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Bolognese Pizza


  One of hubby’s  favs, bolognese pizza.  I quite frankly am not even sure when I began making this for hubby.   I began watching Rachel Ray every day at 5pm as a ritual, as that began my countdown for the end of hubby’s day in the Army. He would end his day at five, brave traffic and arrive home promptly at 6pm, ready for… 

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