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Breakfast Chalupas

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Well I overslept today, I really hate it when this happens- it throws my whole day off. I quickly got dressed and went to tackle the 800 loads of laundry that were quietly waiting for me. As I began my task of sorting I felt a piercing sensation,  I turned to look and there they were,  looking at me like starved little wolves. They gave me the please feed us eyes. Okay I needed to feed these savages quickly, so I threw these chalupas together. Let’s begin. 
Start with tostadas, these can be found in the bread aisle, next to the flour tortillas. If your store does not carry these simply fry corn tortillas until crisp. They look lonely don’t they? Let’s give them delicious company.
Slather them with refried beans, trust me they’ll thank you. See the steam, yummy! Make your own or use canned.  Next…
Loosely cover those beans with scrambled eggs. Cheese would also be a nice addition.
Sprinkle chopped bacon over the eggs, I used turkey bacon…
Looking goood.. it needs heat.
Add pico de gallo and your ready. Enjoy!!

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3 Responses to Breakfast Chalupas

  1. These look fantastic! The things I miss, I tell you my brain is over 100 yr old most days…

  2. Yum!! Don’t know how these got overlooked! The pictures are gorgeous and they look soooo good! I love breakfast burritos, so how could I not love these!

  3. Wow, I never thought to make chalupas with eggs for breakfast. I hear you may be moving to my side of the Grand Ol State of Texas. I live in Corpus Christi. I’ll wvae to you across the bay!!!

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