Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes with Cauliflower Frosting

avc2 012

      I awoke this morning feeling just wonderful, got dressed and thought “wow I should make the girls’ waffles that would be nice.” I turned on my comp and decided to check my classes first while they were getting dressed for the day. I take online classes at the local college -which has worked out great for… 

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Corn Flake Crusted Fish Fillets with Roasted Tomatillo Sauce with Fried Corn


Sweet Life passes through the hall ” Oh hello cookbook,” Rick Bayless Cookbook – “oh wow your holding me – I thought you had forgottten about me!” Sweet Life – “Never Rick Never – your may “main man”- Rick Bayless- I could never forget about your cookbooks,” RBCookbook- “Really – wow you lie – you never cook from me anymore!… 

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Sweet Life Shoots– Sweet Life Scores!!

How excited am I?? To have won a contest hosted by Savor The Thyme and The Naptime Chef – all about food is love. Click on over there to see all the entries and their wonderful blogs!!  Also check this out- Sweetlife featured on Glamour  health and fitness website Vitamin-g Too Cool!!! I’m so honored that my quirky pics have been… 

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Lentil Tomato Sauce

lentil pasta 007

    This one’s for my beaners out there. At Sweet Life’s we love our beans- they are so versatile and offer loads of protein and vitamins all necessary to get through your day. See I care for you, I want the best you, so I offer you Lentil with tomatoes on whole wheat spinach pasta. The lentils are cooked slowly… 

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Citrus Vinaigrette


Hello my loves I had to make a quick unexpected out of town trip and  I have been unable to post- not having my pic files and not great Internet access- it’s torture!! So I am dropping you a quick post from pics that I had on my camera. I am in love with this dressing and always make double… 

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