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Hello dears, how was your weekend? Mine was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!  Yup it was one of those weekends when there’s no commitments, no obligations,  Nada I mean Nada. Those are rare around our house so we took complete advantage and just let loose, went with the flow and enjoyed each other’s company. On Friday we hit a bookstore that was going out of business,  we arrived foaming at the mouth (well at least I did) and hit that store like there was no tomorrow. 

I found some real gems in the History section and of course Chuls came out with two cookbooks, my younger one couldn’t decide so she quickly persuaded daddy to buy them all, which I knew he would.  How lucky for me there was a cute ,little kitchen store right next to the bookstore, coincidence- I think not….   I finally made the plunge and purchased one of those electric griddles, ya know those ginormous- nonstick flat surfaces where you can make 10lbs of bacon and 85 pancake all at the same time???  I  have a cast iron griddle for my stove top which works perfect, but it gets really hot and I’m afraid Chuls will burn her arm- ya see where I’m going with this? Yup, she made breakfast–  I bring you pretty pancakes that chuls made us for Sunday morning, she did a really cool trick (well I thought it was cool) instead of using milk or buttermilk for the batter she juiced strawberries and blackberries.  She made two batches one tinted pink (her fav color) the other batch tinted purple (pips 5yr fav color). She put the purple batter into one of those plastic thingys you use to drizzle sauces on your food, but she drizzled purple batter on top of the pink. They came out very cool, a kinda tye dyed effect…”very fashionable” like my 5yr said. Enjoy!!

Quick tip – after you juice the berries- strain

You can use any batter recipe, I’m not sure the effect would be as clear on whole wheat..

See my coffee cup, it says HOT BABE, hubby got it for me—it totally cracks me up and grosses my kids out…Too funny!!!

“Your not a BABE, your a MOMMY!!!”  Have a great week…



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    Ah, I just noticed that little about it you have here at the bottom of the page, very sweet.
    Sorry, ADD moment =P.
    But ohmygosh those pancakes are absolutely crazycool! Sorry I’m so slow, but is Chuls one of your children? That definitely is a treat, not having to make breakfast for yourself, and such a pretty one, too!
    Also, that griddle you bought sounds crazy! & I totally get you on the “Coincidence, I think not” thing. Just last week I hit up the road of clothing store outlets last week, and found a huge Kitchen Stuff Plus outlet right beside one I was leaving, it was just calling my name!
    Thanks so much for participating, and I’ll get it up ASAP.
    Oh, and I la-la-la-love the mug ;).


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    Oh my goodness, you are a lucky duck, poor bookstore, but cheap books make me drool.

    But you are also a lucky duck for having a daughter who likes to cook such mesmerizing pancakes for your family. In my family, I have to wrench the spatula away from my mom’s hands ;P

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    I guess, I am a bit slow…I totally couldn’t figure out how to leave you a comment…DUGH. Anyway, If I had just one last meal, I think it would be pancakes. No whole wheat or margarine…just a fatty pancake slathered with butter and hot syrup…..oh and crispy bacon on the side.

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    I love my big griddle. It consistently gives a lovely golden brown finish to pancakes. It sounds like your family had a great book and shopping expedition. I hope you are also having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

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    That’s a great idea! I should definitely try the trick. It will be fun to make pink and purple pancakes for my two and half year-old nephews when they visit us this weekend!

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    Brilliant idea! I love the tie-dye effect! I’ve been wanting a griddle forever, looks like it makes great pancakes. Your mug makes me laugh, it’s great!

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    Hey Bonnie, I just wanted to write you in case you and the little, clever one really did find time to make the cake I recently posted.
    You can also use regular or almond milk in the place of soy milk. The agave is also what creates the golden color. It’s a super easy cake-perfect for kids (easy and healthful in the realm of cakes)!
    Hope you guys have a good, relaxing day…

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    Which cookbooks did you get? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Chuls sounds so adorable! And like a culinary master. Great idea to add the purees to the batter…they much have had such an amazing flavor.

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    How lovely Bonnie – The pancakes are GORGEOUS! Girl, you make the prettiest food! LOVE the hot babe mug and the quick retort from the kids :)

    BTW, I have given you 3 awards.

    I pass on this torch with no expectations. I give it for love and with love. No one knows more than fellow bloggers how busy our lives are! You just might get a kick from it so check t out!

    Hugs, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

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    LOL @ “You’re not a babe, you’re a mommy!”

    Those are the prettiest pancakes I’ve seen.

    I’m jealous now. After seeing your blackberries,I just all of a sudden remembered that I haven’t had them since I left home(L.A.) 9 years ago. Okay, now I’m officially homesick I think.

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    This is pretty-I love the lighting and your food styling. Very nice, Dearie!
    Oh, and the pancakes sound wonderful-I’ve been craving them lately…

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    Very creative and lovely breakfast. I would love to visit you on an early morning for a breakfast like this!

    Have a great one : )

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    Adorably cute pancakes and how sweet that your daughter made them for you. Thanks so much for your visit. I’ve been looking around here and you have some great recipes!

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    Chuls is so clever!! never would have thought to do that. They look amazing – definitely meant to be that the bookstore was right next to the kitchen store 😉
    The girls comment about your mug cracked me up – too cute!!
    [p.s. have been using those wooden spatulas non-stop.LOVE them. Oh, and – my room smells like a delicious pear 😉 ]


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