Piloncillo Syrup

Piloncillo Syrup

Did you know tomorrow was National Pancake Day?  I almost missed this wonderfully decadent day, but thankfully I was staring starry eyed at foodiecrush’s Cucumber Martini Recipe, when I spotted her Sept. food calendar.

My first instinct was to hop into the kitchen and whip up a batch of new pancakes to share, but as I looked in my pantry I had no maple syrup, no honey or even agave.  How can one enjoy a thick stack of fluffy pancakes without a warm drizzle of heavenly syrup.  Thank goodness I had piloncillo, well I ALWAYS have piloncillo thanks to mi mami who always encourages me to keep my Mexican pantry staples well stocked.

Thanks mami!



This recipe only requires 4 ingredients, but don’t think they don’t all each pack their own punch. Combined together they create the aroma of mi Mexico.  The aroma of a small food stall that mi papi took me to that sells the best fritters doused in a golden syrup that made you want to chupa los dedos (lick your fingers).    




Piloncillo Syrup

Yield: 1 - 1 1/2 cup


  • 8 ounce piloncillo cone or 4 smaller cones
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 star anise
  • 1 Mexican cinnamon stick


  1. Combine all ingredients n a heavy saucepan over medium high heat. Stir until pilconillo has completely dissolved and slowly bring to a gentle boil. Gently boil until syrup is thick enough to coat spoon, about 10 minutes. Remove anise and cinnamon and serve warm over pancakes


piloncillo- unrefined sugar usually found shaped into cones, named after the word pilon, piloncillo is made from extracting sugar can juices then cooking until a caramel consistency which is then poured into molds. They can be found in two size 3/4 ounces or

9 ounces. If you cannot fined piloncillo brown sugar can be replaced. To use you will need to grate the piloncillo, extra work but worth the effort for it add such a earthy flavor to any recipe. If wrapped well and stored in a cool dry place, they can last indefinitely.






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    Really?! I have never had this and I have all these in my spice cabinet right now. We even had pancakes today for breakfast, haha! Soooo going to make this. Thanks Vianney.

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