Turkey Tostadas

Turkey Tostadas

Are we still enjoying leftovers? Two days in my house is the golden rule before I begin to tweak the menu.  When it’s time to spruce up those leftovers I always go with an easy turkey tostada.  Crispy baked tortillas slathered with refried beans and piled high with shredded turkey.  A warm drizzle of cranberry sauce, a handful of pepitas for crunch and dinner is served.


I always have a batch of refried beans stashed away in the freezer and my local grocery store helps out by selling pre baked tostada shells.  I’m not a black Friday gal, loathe being in crowds, so I stock up on leftover menu staples before Thanksgiving Day.  No rushing to the store and honestly after two days of eating Thanksgiving fare the last thing I even want to attempt is to squeeze into my jeans. Enjoy!




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