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Frozen Strawberry-Chile Margaritas

Frozen-Strawberry-Chile Margarita-VianneyRodriguez

  Frozen Strawberry-Chile Margarita Why not make your weekend celebration even brighter with these easy-to-make frozen strawberry-chile margaritas? These strawberry-chile margaritas start with real strawberries-plump, juicy and bursting with summer goodness!  Add a heaping spoon of green chiles for a warm touch, no need to worry these margaritas are not spicy. The green chiles enhance the sweet… 

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Mango Margaritas by the Pitcher


  Mango Margaritas by the Pitcher Summertime calls for margaritas and nobody loves tequila more than I do!  Margaritas are the ideal party cocktail and the combinations are endless, trust me I’ve been whipping up these bad boys for the last 5 years here on Sweet Life and even have a entire page dedicated to them…. 

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Blackberry Jalapeno Margarita


Blackberry Jalapeno Margarita Whether you like them straight up, on the rocks, or fresh from the blender, margaritas are amaazzzing! What better excuse to celebrate the beginning of the weekend or Valentine’s Day than with a margarita made from fresh fruit, plus a spicy kick from pickled jalapenos. And don’t forget National Margarita Day takes… 

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Candy Corn Infused Tequila


  Candy Corn Infused Tequila Have an overload of candy corn from this year’s Halloween haul? Well have I got a tasty solution for you, candy corn infused tequila.  I recently spotted a recipe for candy corn infused vodka and knew I just had to try recreate it with tequila (of course) and it rocks! … 

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Dia de Los Muertos – Marigold Margarita


Marigold Margarita Tequila infused with marigolds is at the base of this floral margarita.  I made the marigold infused tequila in honor of my abuelito for Dia de Los Muertos.  With a splash of fresh citrus juice, served chilled this margarita is a flowery delight. Many of my margaritas are made by the pitcher or… 

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