Honey-Tequila Pickled Cherries

Tequila Pickled Cherries 016

 Cherries Cherries Cherries Cherries are the spotlight for this edition of Summer Fest .   Ruby jewels bursting with the flavor of summer.  I love them enough to give canning a whirl!! I’ve always wanted to learn to can.  To be able to capture the flavor of summer  and enjoy those flavors in the mundane months of winter is something I have longed for…. 

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Cherry Margarita

cherry margarita 031

Sipping Saturday A bulging  bag of ruby jewels arrived home with me on each of  3 trips to the grocery store this week.   My intentions for the first bag were to whip up my Saturday Margarita, that didn’t happen. Half -way into the second bag I felt another trip to the grocery store was in my future.  By the third bag… 

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