Guava Bars

guava bars 045

    Guava Bars I somehow keep coming back to these bars.  I made them once (three years ago) and batch after batch they continue to make their way into my oven.  I think it’s the oatmeal crust that I enjoy or maybe it’s the thick slices of guava sandwiched between yummy layers of  oatmeal that entice… 

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Guava Coconut Cocktail

guava coconut cocktail 2

  Guava Coconut Cocktail I am bursting with pride! My little sister has graduated from college and is on her way to making her dreams come true! What a great accomplishment to begin the New Year.  I plan on toasting with her when she arrives tomorrow for a short visit! Sometimes life hands you a heavy… 

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Guava Margarita


New year’s in my childhood home meant two things. Pozole Bunuelos So how does a guava margarita fit into the mix?  Nowhere, really I had leftover guavas from making my Ponche Navideno and I find sipping a cocktail as I stand over my pot skimming foam for my pozole broth makes for a more enjoyable time. Margarita motivation.


Guava-Tequila Glazed Fajitas

fajitas w guava 019

    Hello my loves.  I hope all is well.  My sincerest apologies for being completely absent for the last week, but my family is in town and well my heart has been completely occupied with so much dang cuteness.  With my nieces, nephews, my brother and sister- really- my heart cannot take so much love and complete joy.  My… 

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