Paletas de Pepino y Uva

paletas de pepino y uva 041~1

Paletas de Pepino y Uva Over the weekend I  made a HUGE pitcher of agua de pepino.  With the all the hustle and bustle that comes from any great weekend the pitcher was slowly edged to the back of the fridge.  On Sunday evening while making dinner I reached into the fridge for cilantro and… 

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Agua de Pepino

agua de pepino 002

Cucumbers Cucumbers Cucumbers Cucumbers are the spotlight for this edition of Summer Fest.   Cucumbers are refreshing, don’t you think?  I absolutely love having them on hand as remaining “cool as a cucumber”  during a  Texas summer is always a priority. One of my childhood favorite summer treats was thick slices of cucumber splashed with lime and sprinkled with salt.   Now as a busy mom I still… 

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Pina y Pepino Margarita

pina pepino margarita 005

Sipping Saturday  This week’s margarita is inspired from my weekly grocery runs.  Located directly between the fresh fruit and vegetables a stall devoted to agua frescas (fresh water made from fruit) greets me every week.  Vitroleros (huge, beehive shaped glass jars) line the stall bursting at the seam with a rainbow of colors that make me weak in the knees.  Instantly my tunnel vision sets in… 

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Jicama, Pepinos y Pina con Cacahuates


jicama, cucumbers and pineapple a dash of lime sprinkled with toasted peanuts Well our team did not make the playoffs this year, so our typical Sunday football games have been replaced with watching movies with the girls’. The girls’ are extremely happy they don’t care for football and hubby has banned any football watching due to his intense pain…. 

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