Pozole Verde


As I mentioned in my earlier post, holidays in our home meant Pozole and bunuelos.  Sadly I feel I might not get around to making bunuelos this year, but I do want to share a pozole recipe.  I cannot even begin to count how many times over the years my mom has made pozole.  She typically makes pozole rojo (red) flavored with… 

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Guava Margarita


New year’s in my childhood home meant two things. Pozole Bunuelos So how does a guava margarita fit into the mix?  Nowhere, really I had leftover guavas from making my Ponche Navideno and I find sipping a cocktail as I stand over my pot skimming foam for my pozole broth makes for a more enjoyable time. Margarita motivation.


Texas Sugar Cookies

texas-cookies-001-1024x680 (1)

Santa’s almost here and I of course am behind. Daily I have been reminded of the cookies that need to be made for Santa’s arrival.   Add to the list the tamales I have yet to begin, the brisket I must prep, a pot of beans and well it leaves for a busy day.


Avocado Pomegranate Tostadas

pom,avoca.tostadas 029

  I must quit watching Holiday Movies They are taking over my life.  Every year at this time I am mesmerized by Holiday movies.  I find myself on the couch at 4am, with a cup of coffee paralyzed if Susan or Bob or Jill does not understand the meaning of Christmas..c’mon people get it already.  Hubby wakes to find… 

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Pecan Sandies

pecan sandies 015

    Pecan Sandies are my favorite cookies, well I am not known to ever turn down any cookie, but these do hold special meaning.  In high school I cannot even recall how my ritual came  to be, but before very tennis match I happily munched on a package of pecan sandies while washing them down with a Hawaiian punch.  Did… 

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