Quick Dinner … Quesadillas


Need a quick dinner, here’s what  I made last night. Quesadillas are fun–no rules!   Add what your family likes and everyone is happy. I made two different flavors  1. roasted potatoes and sauteed spinach with garlic and  2. edamamne and sauteed red onion.  Season with what you like, I simply added salt,pepper and olive oil.   Any cheese is great I used Monterrey Jack just enough to make it gooey.  Serve with a salad, rice, beans, or even popcorn. We had a fruit salad of strawberries and pineapples. Take care. Chuls

Stop by tommorrow for our Cinco De Mayo Feast….



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    As everyone has already said…these are fabulous flavor combos. I’ve never thought to but edamame in my cheesy tortillas, but after seeing your post, I’m going to give it a try tomorrow night. Beautiful, appetizing pics!

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    Hi Chuls,
    Fabuloso!!! You should come cook dinner at my place. Bob would love the po-tah-toes and spinach while I would have loved the edamame and red onion. Just bought some mame beans the other day. Should give these a go.
    btw, you’ve been doing so great helping your mum out with her blog. Maybe your allowance will go up?? just jokes, I have no idea how those things work because I only have a fat cat… ok, digging a hole… lol.

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    Dear Chuls – Everything about you – your food included is endearing as ever! Great flavors :)

    Bear hugs,

    Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

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    I love the vegetables you used and I do love the ease – once could set out a bunch of cheeses and vegetables and let everyone make their own!

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    Great post—and I share the quesadilla love. They’re our answer to “what’s for dinner?” Saute up leftovers with some spice, add a tasty cheese (ever try salsa with black beans, sauteed spinach and cream cheese?) and dinner is served.

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    I love how you think outside the box with your quesadilla fillings. Makes dinner much more interesting (and pretty to look at!).

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