Roasted Corn

One afternoon hubby and I  drove into town to make our weekly purchase of diapers, this is when we lived in Driscoll and we would make the 20 minute drive to Corpus Christi to have access to larger stores. 

 As we  were walking into the store I caught the smell of something familiar, really was I smelling roasted corn in Texas?  Yup, parked in front of the store was a truck selling roasted corn to the public.  I had never really thought of how the food of Mexico easily crosses into Texas.  In Mexico roasted corn is street food, sold on Sunday in the plaza as hungry church members exit the Church, sold to waiting vehicles as they sit bumper to bumper waiting to cross into Brownsville, Texas.  This past weekend in Blanco, Texas as we enjoyed the Lavender festival what did I see?  A roasted corn truck, my memories of the weekly diaper trips came flooding back. I ordered my roasted corn and smiled as I happily savored the sweet kernels, walking hand in hand with my “big” girls’ ecstatic that I had no diapers to change. Enjoy!! Sweetlife 

Grilled Corn

adapted from local street vendor

8 ears of sweet corn

1/4 cup butter, melted

2 tbsp chili powder

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

1/8 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 cup mayo

heat grill

1 cup freshly grated queso anejo

2 limes, cut into wedges

1. pull back husk from corn and remove stringy threads from corn, brush with melted butter.

2.  combine chili powder, cayenne pepper and smoke paprika, set aside.

3. place corn on rack of an uncovered grill directly over  heat with husks hanging over the edge or away from the heat source. grill for 12 to 14 minutes or until corn is caramelized and brown, turning every 2 minutes to cook evenly.

4.  spread corn with mayo pretty thick (this is your glue),  sprinkle  cheese and spice mixture and squeeze lime over all




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    Hi Sweetlife,
    long time no write *kisses on cheeks*.
    Mmmmmmmm love roasted corn. My parents come from Mauritius and my dad would always relay these stories of his youth. About roasted corn carefully laid out on charcoal; also street food.
    Though I’ve had roasted corn, I’ve never had it with the paprika and the mayo like I’ve seen on…. “Nacho Libre”. Yes, the movie with Jack Black and how his partner Esqueleto would always be eating them.

    Now I’m reminded of how awesome they look. Lovely :)

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    The aroma of the spices and the roasting of the corn is filling me. Happily. And the photo is so enticing – I want to pluck an ear oout of the picture.

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    My most cherished memories of roasted corn was during our vacationing in my Nonna’s Italian village where locals would gather around and enjoy their harvest.
    Yours is interestingly all dressed…sounds tasty. All they used to put on the corn was olive oil and sea salt…which was how I was trained to eat it ;o)
    It was nice going back…thank you.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

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    Dear Bonnie – There is NOTHING like roasted corn off the street. In India we have these wooden carts with 4 wheels called raydies and we’d always buy fresh roasted corn, char grilled and eat it with lime, salt and red chilly powder.

    What a great recipe – I never would have thought to out may on.

    Thank you for bringing back old memories ….good ones :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

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    Oh my gosh! Look at that golden char! It’s PERFECT! Gosh I love it! I’ve never been a corn person, but then I’ve never had it the way you’ve prepared it!

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    i LOVE roasted corn–it’s truly one of my most favorite summer foods and one that i’d eat year-round if it was feasible. well done!

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    Wow, this roasted corn looks amazing. It reminds me of the corn I had at a Cuban restaurant in NY — was so long ago, but I’ll never forget it. I still talk about it now! Pretty shots!

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    Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and nice to meet you. You’ve such a lovely blog here. Ooo yes, roasted corn! But I normally have them steamed or boiled with butter & salt. I’ll try the roasting one next time. Hope to to hear from you more often. Have a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

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    oh wow this entry caught my eye because that corn looks amazing but you say you lived in driscoll? i did too once upon a time! how long ago did you live there?

    it’s such a small place … i miss it though.

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    Your words and images are so vivid and wonderful that I can almost smell the corn myself. I’ve always associated it with summer and barbeques. Your roasted corn looks amazing but what a pity you live so far away!

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    I wish we had roasted corn trucks here! Your corn looks really nice- it’s really hard to get sweet corn here too- the ones with white and yellow kernels =[ I’ve never had corn with mayo before….it sounds delicious! I’m going to try this next time we buy corn!

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    OMG! This corn looks sooooooo yummy. The pictures are awesome. Tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market I’ll be all over looking for corn. LOL

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    I’ve have fond memories if my roasted corn had all the yummy toppings you described. I love them but still have memories of trying to eat them while still in braces – never a good combo with your mouth full of wire.

    I’ve heard and been intrigued about the may cheese and pepper with the corn and now I have a recipe that will do me right. I cannot wait!!!

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    Hey Bonnie, I love roasted and grilled corn-it’s so good. Part of my family is from North Africa, and it is street food there too. Nice that you found it shopping in Texas.
    Ooh, I went to Sarasota the other day to visit an Organic Farm, and I found organic corn for 25 cents an ear. I might have to roast some corn…

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    Chaskas!!! (that’s how they’re called in aguascalientes) OMG it is totally one of the things i miss the most about my hometown :)

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    Dear lord, I’m drooling. These look magnificent! That’s it. I’m busting the grill out this weekend. IF the rain stays away. Stupid Ohio weather! :)

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    Why is weekend still 4 days away. Can’t wait to heat up my grill and roast the corn. Roasted cored is a common street food in Nepal too. This reminds me of going to market with parents and munching on the corn. Spice is making me drool.

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    Nothing says “summer” quite like roasted corn! Oh, I’m craving it like crazy now. I actually like to smear sweet miso paste on mine!

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    Yummmmmm!!! Nothing like roasted corn!! The aroma, the sweetness of the corn, the saltiness of the butter…and I LOVE that you added tanginess and a little spice to the mix with the lime, chili powder, and cayenne…great summer BBQ recipe!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Such pretty pictures…I love the simplicity of your shots. Just stunning. When I lived in Houston, we would eat corn all summer long. I’m excited to get back to Texas in July…the corn tastes sweeter down south!

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    I can almost smell this roasting right now! Yum! These look incredibly delicious! We had roasted corn at a bbq last night but I can tell you, it wasn’t anything like this!


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