Frijoles de Olla


Hello loves.  How was your Vday?  I hope you all were showered with the love you deserve.  My day was glorious, I am still beaming from the immense loving affection and “sticky kisses,” that were abundantly gifted throughout the day.  Today I wanted to share a recipe that I have had many requests for.  When I posted my recipe for charro beans… 

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Quesadilla Dulce con Fresas y Queso


  It’s that time of the year, when love is in the air.  Ahh, the sweet sweet month of February.  I look forward to February.  I believe this is the month where we take those little extra steps to really shower on the as my girls’ say “sticky love.”   Sticky love is in your face, up… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent ~ Carl de Kock from Rio Queen~ Mission, Texas

crest-fruit-003-1024x680 (1)

Happy Monday, we are up and running again.  The cold weather gifted the Rio Grande Valley  almost a day and half with out electricity.  We adjusted quickly, with no complaints as we know other areas were severely affected. I send sweet thanks you to all who asked how we were and sent us well wishes.  We continue with our Texas Talent in a… 

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Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

tuna, jalapenos 014

  I continue to be offline due to the weather.  Stay warm and I will be with you soon. Thank you little sis for posting ya!   Are you ready for the big game, we are.  Our beloved Houston Texans did not make it to the finals, but this is no reason not to celebrate.  Here… 

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