Piquin POM Fajitas

Pamper. Protect. Please. Piquin.

My hubby had a horrible week at work. Tense, long days of struggle and endless question.  My hubby is not one to bring home his troubles, but I as his wife knows him best.  This is when I do the following.

Pamper  – Pamper him. He deserves my special attention in these moments I want him to  feel my support through his trials.

Protect –  Protect his well being.  As soon as he walks in the door, the outside world is locked out..completely out.  His home is his haven to relax, unwind and forget the day.

Please  –  Please him with his favorite flavors. My hubby enjoys spice, heat and protein.

 Piquin – Piquin peppers hold a special place in my hubby’s heart.  His dad had piquin plants planted along side their home at the ranch where his dad worked.

Even to this day when we visit he always makes sure hubby never leaves without a handful of fresh piquin peppers.  I always try to have fresh piquins on hand or stash dried piquins in my freezer.

Dried Chile Piquins   Dont’ be fooled by their small size. They make up their size in sizzle.  If you have never tried piquin peppers begin with a few. Rehydrate these for salsas. Soak in hot water for a few minutes.  Develop their flavor by dry toasting them on a comal.

Fresh Piquin  Place these green gems in a small bowl table side.  The men in my life love to pop these with each bite of their food. Caliente!!  Try these with eggs or tacos.  

A spicy glaze composed of onions, piquins, tomatoes and POM juice.  Baste your fajitas or feel free to try this with chicken or pork.

Piquin POM Fajitas

by Sweet Life

by Vianney Rodriguez

serves 4-6

1 lb skirt steak

4- 6 dried piquin peppers, crushed with knife (if you prefer less heat, use 2)

1 onion, diced

2 garlic, minced

1 8oz POM juice

1 tomato, diced

1 tsp salt

2 tsp pepper

olive oil

In a medium sauce pan over medium heat add oil, enough to cover surface about 1 tbsp.  When the oil has heated add onion and stirto coat with oil. Cook for 4 minutes until soft and translucent.  Add tomato, garlic, peppers, salt and pepper. Cook for another 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add POM juice and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and allow to cook until sauce is thick, about 6 minutes. Taste for seasoning.  Heat grill.  Season fajitas with salt and pepper.  Add fajitas to preheated grill and baste with sauce. Cook on each side for about 3 to 4 minutes. Continue to baste on each side. Allow meat to rest for 2 minutes, slcie and enjoy!

Shout out to Ryan!! A fellow Texan  from POM for sending me a case of Pom juice..enjoy their new flavor Pomegranate Cranberry!

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  1. says

    What beautiful sentiments about your husband. You’re a good role model!

    That meat looks really delicious – very succulent. I’d have trouble getting those peppers here in the rainy UK, but I’m definitely going to try something similar for my other half.

  2. says

    This is a flavor combination after my own heart! I may not dare use these chilis but I love how you incorporated the pom juice; sounds absolutely delightful, the meat looks so wonderfully cooked.

  3. says

    Sorry to hear about your hubby’s bad work week. At least he has you to make it all better. I am loving your fajitas! Piquin is one of my favorite chiles, so spicy and good. Going to bookmark this for next time.

  4. says

    I can almost hear your fajitas sizzling! I just knocked out a tooth trying to take a bite. LOL! The photos are gorgeous and your man is a VERY lucky man. Hope work gets better for him soon. Great recipe!

  5. says

    First of all your like the best wife ever and secondly this looks mouth watering. Like a pic in a magazine and one I am tearing out to make for my spice and heat loving hubby as well! Awesome girl!

  6. says

    Dear Bonnie – Don’t you hate it when Hbby comes home all hot and bothered?! Ugh….how lucky is he to have you to come home to. Lovely way to treat him and this steak is sure to make him forget ALL his trials and tribulations!

    Wodnerful, creative, innovative & fresh…this dish is you through and through :) Happy Mother’s Day DARLING!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  7. says

    I wish I had someone like that waiting for me too when I come home from work. Jealous. The recipe is making me drool like Scooter(my dog) when he sees fried chicken.

  8. says

    Love piquin peppers! Such a Tejas thing :)

    I agree with you 100% about comforting your man with food. Mine comforts me in return with my favorite foods too :)

  9. says

    Hello darling,
    What a fantastic wife you are!! We wives know better and you are a fantastic example of that!!
    Amazing and delicious dish. I bet your hubby was much better after that meal!!!

  10. says

    Hope it has turned better for him at work.

    Well, at least he has you to pamper him. Sometimes, I just lose my temper at my hb even when he has a bad day at work.


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