Honeydew Margarita

Sipping Saturday

What could be more rewarding after a long week of business than to begin the weekend with a cooling margarita.  Honeydew is one of the coolest melons.  Don’t you think?

A lime green pale rind gives way to a  juicy pale interior bursting with natural sweetness.  Slice, dice or chop any way you serve this melon it is sure to please.

The next time you carve into a fresh honeydew, why not save a few slices and make yourself this cool margarita. Enjoy!      

A few tips on choosing the perfect honeydew.   Select one that is heavy for it’s size.  Run your fingers around the surface, you don’t want bruises or deep indentations.

Smell the melon.  You want a melon that smells “sweet.”  Don’t worry about prying eyes at the produce department.  You deserve the best of what nature bestows on us.  So smell, rub and inspect away my friends!

Honeydew Margarita

by Sweet Life

by Vianney Rodriguez

makes 4 margaritas


lemon wedges

1 cup tequila

1 cup fresh honeydew juice

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup Cointreau

ice cubes

On a small plate spread salt.  With lemon wedges moisten rim of 6 ounce glasses.  Dip glasses into salt.   Place glasses into freezer to chill.

In a pitcher combine tequila, honeydew juice, lemon juice and Cointreau.  Remove glasses from freezer and serve margarita mixture over ice. Garnish with lemon slices.

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  1. says

    Well, SweetLife, you’ve finally found a drink that doesn’t make my mouth water. But, that’s only because I’m allergic to honeydew. I’m gonna go back the chipotle beef recipe and drool over that. As always, these drink pictures are gorgeous and I find myself thirsty anyways!

  2. says

    The next time I plan a vacation with Mom…I’ll be inviting ourselves over to Bonnie’s Margarita Saloon…Mom will never leave. Did I mention…she can only handle one glass and then she’s just not herself anymore. LOL

    I’m sending her your drink…Salut!

    Flavourful wishes,

  3. says

    Oh Bonnie I wish today was friday night with this recipe. After getting hooked to you strawberry margarita I am sure this will be addicting too. BTW Mr. Scooter sent you lots of hugs and licks.

  4. says

    I’m afraid I leave my fingerprints on much of the produce in the markets and sometimes, I even get the manager over to help me choose – hey, that’s when it’s important to become friends with them, like the butcher and fishmonger etc, they know what to look for…
    – anyway, enough rambling, this is one fine margarita, a sweet gem for sure, hope your weekend was just as perfect

  5. says

    Oh Yessssss! Honeydew Margaritas, count me in. Sounds delicious, thanks for the great tips on how to buy the melon. Have a great weekend. :-)

  6. says

    I’ve never had honeydew in a cocktail before, but it’s a wonderful idea! I just know I would love this margarita, but I think I’m gonna have to simply buy a honeydew and do a little taste test to see for myself just how wonderful it is. I can’t wait! :)


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