Breakfast Tostada

breakfast tostada 2

    Breakfast for Dinner!! This is one of the greatest ideas ever brought to the table.  Obviously, a terrific mom invented this idea.  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so; I get a little giddy when my kids ask for breakfast for dinner. I’m in.  Breakfast tostadas are hearty, easy and adaptable to… 

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Ultimate Nachos

ultimate nachos 017

Have you had enough Thanksgiving leftovers? I know I have. Bring on Sunday and football food!! Football food at our home can be a all night affair tenderly caring for a smoked brisket or as simple as pulling our favorite panty staples. This Sunday we went with VELVEETA® and Ro*Tel® for Ultimate Nachos. Texans have… 

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My daughter featured on Mommy Maestra

spicy chocolate bark

    Hola!! I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Holiday.  I had a wonderful time with my family in Aransas Pass. We laughed, gobbled up too much turkey and enjoyed our time with the kids.  


Guajillo Cranberry Sauce


  My Thanksgiving contribution to New Latina – Guajillo Cranberry Sauce Happy Thanksgiving!!   Guajillo Cranberry Sauce INGREDIENTS: 4 cups fresh cranberries 1 cup orange juice 1 tsp orange zest 1 cup grated piloncillo 1 guajillo chile 1 tsp cinnamon ½ cup pumpkin seeds INSTRUCTIONS: Rehydrate guajillo chile in warm water for 20 minutes. In… 

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Cranberry Margarita

cranberry margarita 003

    I wanted to squeeze in one more Holiday Margarita before the BIG Turkey day.  Hey, while you prep your cranberry sauce why not make the simple syrup for this colorful margarita.  A pop of color to your table or a dose of sanity for the busy day.   Keep company busy with a refreshing margarita and plates of appetizers while… 

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Celebrating the Launch of the New Maseca Website with Blog Amigas!!


Hola my dear readers!!  I have some exciting news to share with you today.  One of my favorite products Maseca is launching a new website loaded with family favorite meals, healthy recipes ideas and promotions with chances to win great prizes!  Another wonderful feature will be the announcing of Blog Amigas.  Talented Latinas sharing their passion of cooking with Maseca. … 

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Pumpkin Margarita

pumpkin margarita 126

  The Thanksgiving countdown has begun!! Are you excited? I know I am. Thanksgiving after all is a day dedicate to stuffing your face with glorious food.  Countless hours chopping, dicing, basting, baking and prepping.  Now that’s what I call a good time!  This week in my attempt to bake the perfect pumpkin empanadas I was… 

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Texas Monthly Pecan Pie

pecan pie 001

  A Texan’s Thanksgiving table in not complete without a Pecan Pie.  Our State tree, a source of pride we Texans take pecan pie pretty serious.  Married 12 years, my husband not once has asked for a chocolate cake or strawberry tart for any birthday.  Everyone knows, he wants Pecan Pie.  As we make plans to head over to spend Thanksgiving with our family,… 

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