Avocado Grapefruit Tostadas

tostada de aguacate y toronja

Avocado Grapefruit Tostadas

I made a lot of tostadas (bean and cheese) as a newlywed.  Not super creative, but at the time neither was I. They were easy to pull together, perfect for our tight budget and one of the few things I could cook at the time.

Now being married 13 years I am happy to see things in our kitchen have gotten tastier.  These tostadas are bright, colorful and super tasty, as my 8yr old would say.

A layer of avocado sets the base for sweet segments of grapefruit, sliced red onion and queso.  A quick sprinkle of cilantro and dinner is ready.

The plump segments give this tostada a hearty bite and avocado makes any dish shine.


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avocado and grapfruit tostadas

Avocado Grapefruit Tostadas

Yield: serves 4-6


  • 6 Tostadas
  • 2 large avocados
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Grapefruit segment from 1 large grapefruit
  • ½ medium red onion, sliced
  • Crumbled queso fresco or panela
  • ½ cup cilantro


  1. Halve avocados and chunk into a bowl, mash, add a splash of lime juice.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste
  3. Spread on tostadas.
  4. Layer on grapefruit segments, sliced red onion and queso.
  5. Sprinkle with cilantro.



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  1. MexNomad says

    Just delicious. I’m not a meat eater and i’m always looking for new recipes. I never thought about adding grapefruit to a tostada, so thank you soooo much…This is just delicious; This tostada gets an A+ Gracias.


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