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Lavender-Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

lavender festival 065

  When we headed out early Saturday morning I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Blanco, Lavender Festival.  This was the festival’s sixth year, so  compared to my hometown’s annual festival the Shrimporee which has grown incredibly each year,  this one was fairly new.   When we arrived we drove past the town square and decided to make… 

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Infused Water


Infused Water Staying hydrated in Summer is crucial to your body.  Our bodies are up to 75% water, so after a long day at the beach, park or hitting the trails hydration is key in maintaining energy levels.   Thought there is not set standard the Institute of Medicine recommends 12 cups of water per day… 

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Grilled Pound Cake with Roasted Fruit


Grilled Pound Cake with Roasted Fruit Planning to grill this weekend? Of course you are its summer, so let’s grill up something special for dessert! Just when you thought a Southern favorite couldn’t get any better.  Thick slices of buttery pound are buttered and thrown on the grill. Slightly charred, warm and buttery grilled pound… 

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Patriotic Moscato Gelatin Shots


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Gallo Family Vineyards and Latina Bloggers Connect. Patriotic Moscato Gelatin Shots Every year my mom makes a fantastic gelatin mold for the kids table.  Brightly colored layers of gelatin mixed with fresh fruit and topped with fluffy clouds of freshly whipped cream.  The kids can’t get enough… 

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Strawberry Moscato Granita


Strawberry Moscato Granita It’s Friday which means only one thing – Cocktail Friday! I’ve been crushing on Moscato lately.  It is just sooo delish I can’t help myself, not to mention it is super versatile.  Moscato can effortlessly be used to create a ton of simply amazing cocktails. Crisp, refreshing and addicting I always have… 

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Latin Twist: Traditional and Modern Cocktails – Announcing My First Book!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Feliz Lunes!   Can you tell I’m excited?  I have been working very, very hard on a special project on a subject that is very dear to my heart.  Hours of research, hours of tweaking, testing and scribbling on my favorite turquoise notebook – poor little book, it has seen better… 

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