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 Any Summer when we visited my grandmother in Mexico  you knew exactly what to expect, HEAT, extreme heat, followed by a sense of constant thirst.  Of course, we as kids made matters worse, with our constant movement, playing until we just couldn’t bear the heat any longer. On the weekends Papi (our dad)  would take us to the centro, one street completely lined with shops filled with anything one could desire from custom made dresses, shoes, toys, spices, housewares, music, car parts….  he would give us 5 dollars to spend.  We quickly plowed through our money, on candy.  Then we were left to walk, walk, and walk more on this busy street until my mom had made her purchases.

As we were leaving he would always get us a agua fresca, there was so many to chose from watermelon, cantaloupe, tamarind, strawberry, blackberry…..the  vendor had his cart mounted on a bike and he would ride through the streets yelling “aguas!”  I always wondered why he yelled, everyone knew he was coming, beside the fact that his cart was enormous, the smell , oh the smell he carried with him, fresh water made from perfectly ripened fruit, he always had a crowd lined waiting for him. I always ordered the same flavor watermelon, Papi would always try broaden my options, “no thanks Papi..I’m fine.” 

Even to this day I get excited to take the first sip- the taste, the sensation of the cool watermelon on a hot day, well there is no other remedy for me. I enjoy my sliced watermelon with a sprinkle of sea salt, so I have added just a pinch to the mix. Most recipes just blend chunks of watermelon and mix with water and sugar.  I add very little water to mine, because honestly I don’t enjoy drinking a water downed version of my fav cooler.  I made  a simple syrup of sugar and water, but have also used agave to sweeten my water.  Taste your watermelon first then  judge for yourself how much sweetener is needed to please your taste.

Maybe I love the flavors because they remind me of my summers in Mexico, or maybe of our childhood with Papi, or maybe I just like watermelon…..Enjoy!! Sweetlife

Agua de Sandia

Watermelon Water

by Sweetlife

Vianney Rodriguez

make about two quarts or more if you ad more water

 4 cups Diced watermelon–seedless, if your watermelon has seed, strain 

Cold Water just enough to loosen the watermelon and help the blender along.

1/2 tbsp sea salt

1 lime, juiced

Simple syrup  (1/2 cup sugar to 1/2 water heat until sugar dissolves) or agave

Place diced watermelon in blender, by batches, add a small amount of water to help the blending process. Blend until smooth and strain. Place strained mix into a pitcher(taste for sweetness) and add salt, lime juice and sweetner. Mix and enjoy over ice.



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    This is so neat. Haha, this morning, I planned to have a smoothie, but the ratios were all wrong so I ended up with vanilla nectarine juice. Fruits are awesome.

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    There is something about aqua frescas that quenches the thirst like nothing else, and then add in watermelon, a personal favorite and you have perfection.

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    Oooooh!! So pretty, non??? I tried making this last year with a basil simple syrup and it is divine. The combination is surprisingly pretty on the palate. :)

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    Hey again…
    Me encanta agua de sandia tambien. Sandia es el sabor perfecto y corta la sed de los veranos diabolicos (sonrisas). Ooh, y tiene tanto potasio…

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    Vianney, nice momories!! Thaks a lot for visiting my site.
    Right now I am sipping a great cup of jamaica water! Do you Know it?

    I loved that picture with the watermelon and letters!

    Hablas español?

    Un abrazo!

    Escuse any spelling horror!

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    This is so simple answer to beat the summer heat. And watermelon one of my favorite fruits I will be making these in bulk this summer. Can’t wait to go and get my watermelon. By the way does anyone have suggestions how to buy watermelon.

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    I Love watermelon it is one of my favourite summer fruits.
    I have done watemelon sorbet,but I will certainly try this one I love it ,thanks for sharing bye for now ingrid

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    Lovely refreshing drink instead of sugared juices or soda. Love the lime idea! I make mine with almond milk for breakfast. I will make yours this afternoon to sit by the pool with! YUM

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    the ones I am familiar with in Mexico and have made are watered down compare to this one – your version is pure liquid melon – just fabulous … like adding the bit of lime too, I do that as well… great memories of Papi

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    Oh! Refreshing for sure and such a nice happy color to the watermelon water. I can barely carve in a straight line and you were able to carve out letters! =)

    Looking forward to buying my first watermelon of the season tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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    I didn’t realize that agua fresca is made from such natural, fresh, whole ingredients! I’ve been avoiding it for nothing! So refreshing!

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    wow, I have been busy for a couple of days. I feel so behind. Those beans below, sound so yummy. I think they would be great paired with this drink. Maybe this could be frozen into popsicles?
    Fabulous! btw-salt on watermelon is divine

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    Agave nectar figures promenently in my pantry. It’s become very useful in many of my preparations.
    To be honest…I enjoy the simple sweetness of the watermelon alone. I can have a bath in it ;o)

    Love the crafty food art.

    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

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    Beautiful story creating wonderful images of your childhood. Five dollars on CANDY. All I can say is – hopefully you had cheap dental care! He he. Your story took me right there with you to the aguas mad on his bike…
    and wonderul vibrant photos, too!

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    What a wonderful memory! Makes me want to go down to Mexico right NOW to try a watermelon agua, which I’ve never had before. 😉 I suppose, the next best thing is to try to recreate my own. Thanks for the recipe.

    Paz (who loves the first photo, too)

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    Yummy! I like the addition of lime juice to this. Later in the summer when we get some really good local water melons I will try this out :)

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    How wonderful Bonnie – We make simple watermelon juice and have never added the sea salt which I think is a lovely addition also to replenish lost salts.

    Lovely recipe to keep handy for the summer for sure :)

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors


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