Blackberry-Lavender Champagne Cocktail



Lavender Lizzie, isn’t the color beautiful?  For one ticket/$6.00 you could shop while sipping on  Blanco’s Lavender Festival signature cocktail in a beautiful commemorative glass.        



 They had  ready made bottles of this wonderful syrup for sale at the food tent.  Chill and serve over champagne.  Hubby suggested I should buy a couple of bottles to enjoy year round.  I agreed suggesting we swing by after we had enjoyed the festival to purchase them as to save us lugging them around for hours.  Well that never happened due to tired kids, heat and increasing crowds.  I was so upset with myself until I browsed the  festival cookbook and found another great cocktail.  First enjoy some pics from the festival then we make cocktails.  Please don’t forget to enter to win a copy of the cookbook and a tub of local lavender ready to use, for all your summer cooking.  (click here to enter) Enjoy!! Sweetlife   



 Butterfly Potato Chips, I have to be honest- I wasn’t feeling these, they were soggy-not at all crispy


Deep fried pickles, Chuls and I shared these…she informed me we must recreate  these at home..I quickly agreed… so I could continue to stuff my face.   

Trees of welded iron with wine bottles as limbs, they were beautiful- I quickly imagined them in my backyard… 

Local artists’, showcasing their work…

 Lavender products – soaps, lotions, oil, perfumes, candles, etc……


 For your wine,


 Lavender plants, we couldn’t resist one for each mom,  

Blackberry- Lavender Champagne Cocktail

from The Local Flavor of Lavender

serves 1

1 ounce blackberry liqueur or Chambord

1 ounce pomegrante juice

1/4 ounce fresh lemon juice

1 ounce Lavender syrup (recipe follows)



Blackberries for garnish

Mix blackberry liqueur, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and lavender syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain the mixture into a champagne flute and top with champagne.

Garnish with blackberries.   


Lavender Syrup

from The Local Flavor of Lavender

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

2 tbsp dried culinary lavender buds

In a small saucepan, bring water and sugar to a boil.  Stir mixture until dissolved.  Remove from heat and add lavender buds.  Cover and allow lavender to infuse into the sugar syrup.  Strain into a glass container, cover, and refrigerate for up to a few weeks.



  1. says

    LOVELY! Love the colours and everything. You should come to visit my prairie city. We could be drinking these and many other beverages on the deck.
    Looks like you and the famille had a wonderful time :)

  2. says

    Making this recipe this week as a friend and client just invited me to do drive by’s her place and snatch loads of lavender growing wild in her garden! Thanks for luscious pics and nice to have found you this morning! :)

  3. says

    That has to be one of the prettiest summer cocktails ever devised. I do love lavender. It must be at my back door and front door for luck. Fried pickles? Love festivals and what they come up with!

  4. says

    LOVE the lavender lizzies and I would have been right there with you stuffing my face with deep fried pickles!

    As for that blackberry cocktail, it looks devilishly delish! Ooh and the syrup, WOW!!!

    And as usual Bonnie, you’ve done the pics in your signature style which is always fabulous!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely trip with us.

    Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  5. says

    I can feel the fantastic scent of lavender while reading this post. The cocktail looks gorgeous! I didn’t know lavender can be used in drinks, I bet it gives an impressive touch to the cocktail.

  6. says

    Looks like a fun day.

    I’ve never heard of deep fried pickles. Since I’m not too crazy about pickles to start with, I don’t think I’d be too crazy about the deep fried pickles either.

    I miss going to food festivals like these.

  7. says

    What a fun time. The pickles, one of my favorite things, look spectacular. That sounds like the perfect summer combo: fried goodies, cocktails, and beautiful weather. I can’t wait to try the cocktail either.

  8. says

    Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail!! Wow!! Looks and sounds wonderful! I’ve been wanting to make lavender flavored something, but my lavender in the garden has no flowers at this point… The leaves smell great, and I’m so desperate and I’m thinking about using the leaves to get the fragrance out of it :)

  9. says

    Oooh… those potatoes look SO good. (Even if they were soggy.) Brings back great memories of the twisty potatoes my husband and I used to get at Texas street fairs. Man, they were the best. Lavender and deep-fried food is so totally “only in Texas.”

  10. says

    Ooo… I love go shopping at this kind of places! Lots of beautiful stuffs to be dicovered. And not forget the food, those look so yummy! Btw, your lavender blackberry cocktail sounds pretty awesome. Thanks. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.
    Chers, Kristy

  11. says

    Staring at those deep-fried pickles makes me forget that I’m not too big on either deep-friedness or pickles, yum. I think I may have to find out how to make those to continue getting over my fear of deep-frying ;).
    Those wine bottle trees look amazing, that festival looks like a place of wicked discoveries.
    As for that blackberry cocktail, it looks delish! As does that syrup, thanks so much for sharing. I love how you have the little lavender petals scattered beside the glass in that last photo, beautiful =).

    ~Kurious Kitteh

  12. says

    I just picked my first blackberries of the season today—-now if I just had some of that lavender syrup I could enjoy one of those lovely cocktails! You have great photos!! :)

  13. says

    Ooh Bonnie, I want to make lavender syrup. That sounds like it could be used for so many different things-yum!
    I love fried pickles too by the way-salty, fatty goodness that they are. I like to dip them in Ranch dressing. Now I want to make some too (smile).
    Hope you guys have a good weekend also. It’s movie weekend here-Good Fellas is first on the list…

  14. says

    I’ve had my thoughts wrapped up in Lilacs…and you’re into Lavendar…what a pleasant coincidance.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day.
    Love the cocktail…very unique.
    Flavourful wishes,

  15. says

    well now isn’t that something…sounds like something I would go and do, get my heart set on something and miss it – glad you found a recipe, sounds really good…looks like you had a swell time anyway…

  16. says

    LOVE the syrup recipe. Thank you. I was about to beg you for a give-a-way for the second bottle until I read on and saw you didn’t get it. The photos are gorgeous! I love lavender and have quite a bit here…. I will be making the syrup – but it is an acquired taste. I’ll have to see how it turns out and goes over!
    …and DEEP FRIED PICKLES – come on…. get crackin’ on that one. I want the recipe!

  17. says

    That cocktail has the most GORGEOUS color! I’m so enamored.

    The festival looks like a ton of fun. Who knew you could do so much with lavender?

  18. says

    All of that fair food looked amazing (nice and greasy!). And the blackberry lavender cocktail…it sounds divine. Thanks for sharing!


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