Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

I’m back!!


How was your weekend?  Great I hope. I had a amazing time with my family filled with lots of laughter, new memories, and great food.  I love the few times out of the year we get to spend together being that each family is extremely busy and each live in different states.  I had a blast watching all the men sitting together in one tiny room having a couple of beers and cracking each other up, seriously do men ever grow up?  Too funny.  So what do we feed these silly men of ours?  Hearty Hearty Hearty…our men can eat.  We whipped these stuffed jalapenos up one night and they were happily devoured.  There is many versions of these stuffed jalapenos. Versions include jalapenos being stuffed with cream cheese or mashed potatoes even tomatoes.  Our men like the “meat factor” of sausage and bacon.  You can grill them or with this extreme heat pop them into the oven.  To remove the seeds I find using a grapefruit spoon works really well and please do not rub your eyes after working with the jalapenos, trust me I have done this many times it is not fun. 


Enjoy! Sweetlife

I’d like to send out extra love filled hugs to Jenn from Chinese Baba  formerly know as Defunkt Gourmet for sending me such a lovely little pkg filled with great treats and a AWESOME cd of music, love ya girl!!

Also special Texas kisses to Stella for featuring my agua de sandia with a lavender twist from her prize pkg, she even included a shot of the box I sent her with a Texas sticker, love it!! 

And of course all of your lovely selves who continue to visit me, even when I am totally offline, I appreciate you and send out best wishes.    

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

by Sweet Life

by Vianney Rodriguez

makes 12

6 jalapenos sliced and seeds removed

6 slices bacon, sliced in half

1 pound sausage, spicy, maple, turkey..your preference

2 cups sharp cheddar, shredded

heat oven to 400 degrees

Cut each jalapeno, lengthwise and remove seeds.

In a  bowl combine cheese and sausage.

Fill each jalapeno with the cheese/sausage mixture and wrap with a slice of bacon.

Secure bacon slice with toothpicks.

Place stuffed jalapenos on baking sheet and cook for about 20 minutes, or until bacon is crispy.



  1. B says

    This recipe is seriously the easiest popper recipe I’ve ever came across, and they cook easily and taste great! However, 2 things: 1. make sure you don’t use aluminum foil on your baking pan unless you want to eat shards of it from the poppers getting stuck, & 2. I have no idea what kind of mountain of stuffing you put in your poppers, but that much meat and cheese is easily enough for about 25-30 whole jalapenos (meaning 50-60 half slices).

    • VianneyVianney says

      Thanks for trying out the recipe B! I agree they are the easiest to amke and everyone loves them! I do stuff mine pretty heavily, but any left over meat I save for breakfast the next day. thanks for stopping by!

    • VianneyVianney says

      Hi Kelly,

      No cooking required, they will bake for 20 the sausage and crisping the bacon (crisping, is that a word?) Let me know hwo they turn out.

  2. Liz Hersom says

    These sound amazing, I am going to make them for the Superbowl Party this weekend. I know this crowd will devour them.

  3. Heather says

    My husband makes one of the cream cheese versions, but these sound yummy. He always wears gloves to protect his hands when preparing the jalepenos:-) Also, can pound chicken flat and put a piece under the bacon…

  4. skipper says

    I have made these a few times and they are always one in no time with everybody wanting more I added chopped mushrooms last time and a mixture of italian and pork sausage.
    THANK YOU for recipe

  5. Maureen says

    I made these last night for a friend’s birthday party. I used chorizo and a Mexican cheese blend. I made 40 and they were gone in no time flat. I did get to eat one, seriously, just one and it was awesome.People could not stop eating them and I got crazy good compliments. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Vianneybonnie says

      @Maureen..super glad you enjoyed them, a great idea to use chorizo, I will try that next time..thanks for stopping by!!


  6. says

    Great to have you back! Glad you had such a great time with your family! These are definitely going to be a perfect addition to the Superbowl Party Treats!

  7. says

    Awww… It sounds like you had a lovely time with you family :)

    These bacon wrapped jalapenos look amazing, I have some extra jalapeños in the fridge so I’ll definitely be making these. They’d make a perfect side for leftovers of the spicy Mexican beef I made in the crock pot yesterday :)

  8. says

    Oooooh, those look so good! I actually got my husband to look at the picture and make a comment other than “Yes, dear…” (he’s watching baseball).

  9. says

    mmmm…… bacon, me likey bacon… likey stuffed jalepeno’s……sigh we men are so predictable, give us meat and a pretty woman and what more could we want!

  10. says

    I’m so glad you’re back and that your vacation was awesome! No in my experience, men do not ever grow up. Sometimes it’s a pro, sometimes it’s a con.

    But let’s focus on the positive. Like these jalapeno bites of deliciousness. Amazing.

  11. says

    Aghh, I went wandering yesterday and was attracted by a heap of jalapenos, but couldn’t think for the life of me what to do with them, so i didn’t get any ><".
    Haha, I know a number of females who would devour these in seconds, they look gooood.


  12. says

    I like the addition of sausage in these. When I made these in the past, I stuffed them with herbed goat cheese. They’re always a huge hit, no matter what they’re stuffed with!

  13. says

    Oh my God..if my husband sees these…Im dead. I’ll be making bacon wrapped popper till they come out my ears! He loves poppers and he’d just about anything if it was wrapped in bacon!

  14. says

    Oh my sis will love that. And what better than bacon wrapped jalapenos with peanut butter. she loves bacon and the chillies and peanut butter to sooth a little kick from jalapenos.

  15. says

    I am so glad that you were able to have such a wonderful time with your family. And isn’t it wonderful to feed men? They eat so much and they love it all. These jalapenos could please anyone though. What a wonderful recipe to share with us!

  16. says

    We must be on the same wavelength – came home with a whole bunch of jalapenos from the farm market. These totally rock! My Dad would love them.

  17. says

    oh yeah, more versions than I can count …. these are always a favorite and you are so right on, with the meat baby……. love ’em with shrimp ya know – glad ya had a fab weekend……..

  18. says

    Yaa! I get special Texas kisses? That’s awesome. Score!
    Okay, I’m being silly. I’ve been that way for about two days now-I don’t know what’s come over me actually;)
    This is such a good idea, Bonnie. My Cauldron Boy would love it if I did something like this. We have organic jalapenos growing outside too! I’m thinking the same recipe just with turkey meat. I’m doing it!
    Glad you had such a nice time, Bonnie. My Mom’s going to be here in about an hour actually, so I’m hoping for Rodriguez family functionality (smile but seriously)…

    • Vianneybonnie says

      @Stella…Silly I’m glad your feeling better, so silliness is a good thing, stuffed with turkey woud be great, I am sure Cauldron boy would love these..Yur mom’s comin to tow , oh I hope you have fun, I’m sure she is super happy to see you,

  19. says

    mmmmmm….your version sounds fabulous! I bet they’d be killer stuffed w/ chorizo!!! I always just make them w/ cream cheese- I’m totally gonna have to mix it up next time. Mashed taters sound great too…I’m hungry!

    • Vianneybonnie says

      @Girlichef….yes chorizo would also be a great filling, oh cream cheese and chorize…oh i’m down with that,


    • Vianneybonnie says

      @Dessert for Two…pb no I have never heard of that, wow you know I think I could get down with



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