Jalapenos stuffed with Tuna and Oregano Citrus Dressing


Our family is based is Aransas Pass, Texas where our home is located.  Over the years of moving we have not been fortunate to reside in areas where Dia de Los Muertos is widely celebrated.  Luckily we are currently living in Edinburg, Texas which is located a mere 30 minutes from the border of Mexico.  I was overjoyed to find our… 

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Fried Chicken with Peanut Sauce

chicken fried w nut sauce 018

    This week join us as we celebrate Dia de Los Muertos.  On Dia de Los Muertos we  welcome bac ourk departed into the world of the living.  We celebrate their lives happily with festivities to honor their presence. I hope to share a bit of this beautiful holiday with you as I feature dishes made in my loved ones honor. 


Shrunken Apple Heads

apples faces 034

Hello friends! Chuls again with another quick Spooky treat.  Apples transformed into Shrunken heads.  Perfect for floating in your festive Halloween punch.   Be sure to visit us tomorrow as we begin our Dia de los Muertos week long celebration. Stay Cool, Chuls.


Mummy Cupcakes

mummy cupcakes 013

Hey guys!!  Chuls stopping by quickly to tell you about these spooky cupcakes we made this weekend.   A chocolate cupcake with a sweet filling (cream cheese and chocolate chips) is sure to please any boy or ghoul.   Halloween is a time for fun, mixed with sweet treats.  Stop by soon for my next recipe. Take care… 

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Bean Dip


My love for beans is well known.  I appreciate their simplicity, ease and endless supply of inspiration for quick week night meals featuring these protein packed buttons.  Like clockwork every week I prepare a pot of brothy beans.  As the week flies by they make their appearance at breakfast – refried with egg,  lunch – a steamy bowl garnished with tomatoes, queso fresco and cilantro or… 

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Fresh Apple Cake

fresh apple cake, apples 023

    One of the many perks of living temporarily here in Edinburg, Texas is that my grandma lives only 40 minutes away in Brownsville, Texas.  I try to visit her once a week, given the opportunity as I feel this is a great way for my girls’ to connect with their great grandma.  Visiting her instantly takes me back to… 

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