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Fresh Apple Cake

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One of the many perks of living temporarily here in Edinburg, Texas is that my grandma lives only 40 minutes away in Brownsville, Texas.  I try to visit her once a week, given the opportunity as I feel this is a great way for my girls’ to connect with their great grandma.  Visiting her instantly takes me back to my summer’s spent at her house.  The back yard seemed endless, the front porch provided plenty of room to play with our barbies, and the front swing was the main attraction each night when we would all sit outside to enjoy the stars. On my visits as I walk these loved paths my hearts warms with the excitement my girls’ express as they love her house as much as I do.   My grandma is rather small in frame, which always left me feeling like a giant next to her, but  each visit when I see her standing next to my girls’ I am the one who is is left feeling that I am shrinking more daily.   On our planned weekly visits my girls’ take to my cookbooks looking for something sweet to bake, you see every visit we take her a freshly baked goodie for her to enjoy her afternoon coffee.  I love their enthusiasm as they plow through the pages and excitedly argue over which one Abuelita would love.  How comforting to see my daughters convey  the importance of sharing a home baked treat , to know that food is love.  Lucky for me the chose fresh apple cake for I had eagerly purchased my first Texas apples. Read on apple lovers…. 

 This cake originally cakes for a bundt pan.  I have never been too partial to bundt pans.  I am not sure why, sometimes I feel they leave your baked good looking heavy, dense and just remarkably huge.  When I read the description for the cake MOIST screamed out to me, so instead of giving the visual of a weighty cake I opted to use a 9×13, of course after making sure it would work..thanks The Foodie Spot.  I was happily rewarded when the cake slipped out of the pan effortlessly and gave the presence of a rustic cake a witty Pioneer Texas women would surprise her family with.  I enjoyed the texture. moistness and fuss free of the recipe, so much I made an extra pan to send with hubby to work.  The pan came back empty with many compliments, giving me the nod that my Abuelita would truly enjoy her afternoon treat.  Grating the apples into the mix with peel on gives allows us the nutrients our body deserves.  The little pop of color from the peel adds to  presentation, as the pecans give you the nutty texture of savory.  Did my Abuelita enjoy her slice of Fresh Apple Cake?  Happy to report she did, we all did.  The girls with cold milk and us with our fresh brewed coffee.  Enjoy! Sweet Life!                 


Fresh Apple Cake

serves 10-12

The Only Texas Cookbook by Linda West Eckhardt

3 cups flour

1 tbsp. baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp cinnamon

3 eggs

2 cups sugar

1 cup cooking oil

2 tsp vanilla

4 apples, grated

1 cup pecans

Preheat oven to 350. Generously coat a Bundt pan with shortening and flour.  Sift together flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.  Set aside. Beat eggs, then ad sugar and beat well. 

Add cooking oil and vanilla and beat well. Combine with flour mixture. This will produce a very heavy oily batter.  Stir until completly mixed.  Core (but do not peel) apples, then grate and add to batter.

stir well.  You will notice that the moisture in the apples lightens the batter considerably.  Finally stir in the pecans.  Pour into prepared cake pan and cook in preheated oven for 1 hour, or until the top springs back

when you touch it.  Turn out of pan immediately.  Keeps well. Very moist.

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53 Responses to Fresh Apple Cake

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  2. hi there! just found your blog and wanted to drop a note! your page is so nice, i love all the great pictures and recipes you have. i have been looking for a good apple cake recipe for Fall. thanks for sharing, looking forward to dropping by again!!

  3. My Mom instilled the same loving and sharing principals as you successfully have with your daughters. I used to love baking goodies for my Nonna ;o)

    Very nice apple cake recipe…especially with the addition of pecans.

    Flavourful wishes,

  4. i love apple cake. let’s be honest–i love apple anything. well done!

  5. Love the quick and easy rustic cakes using seasonal fruit – this one sounds fantastic! It’s no wonder everyone loved it, Abuelita too. :)

  6. There is nothing better than the smell of apples baking with cinnamon this time of year. Your cake does look moist and delicious!

  7. Hey Bonnei, your apple cake looks really moist and delicious. I like the addition of pecans, giving the cake a nice crunch.

    I made apple cake too yesterday and I used vanilla also, instead of cinnamon. Turned out really well :)

  8. I love to use apple for cakes and salad…and your cake looks delish! thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  9. Mmmm….this looks so good! (I’m an apple lover!) All my great grandparents died before I was born, so I always find it fascinating that so many people have great grandparents and great-great parents! haha….
    I can imagine how much fun it would be trying to choose a recipe for a great grandmother!!

  10. grandmothers and apple cake. sweet!

  11. The cake looks wonderful!!

  12. And this recipe is something I will follow…Great job!!! ;-)

  13. I think I would love the apple cake instead of just eating an apple. totally not a fan of apple and with braces on – its a pain in the butt !! :)

    Have a lovely day love!!
    jen @ http://www.passion4food.ca

  14. Fantastic recipe. I’ll try it soon, for sure!!

  15. Delicious cake! I love apples and fall baking. Been baking lots of apple recipes lately.

  16. I love apples! Have you been getting really tiny ones? Our HEB galas are super small and it’s making me furious!

  17. Woo hoo!!! Got me a whole bushel of apples, now I know what I’m doing with them…

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner

  18. Nothing like fresh apple cake to have you thinking of friends family and fall. Ah sigh, feel warm and fuzzy – thank you!

  19. Wow!!! Can I just say how lucky and blessed you are to still have your grandma?!? I love sitting out at night, gazing at stars too :)

    The apple cake looks so delicious – love the look of that crust!

  20. A very special cake, and it looks so pretty and delicious with those fresh apples!

  21. Your daughters are very well-taught, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from them when they have a fabulous foodie for a mom like you. :-)

  22. What a lovely story and I bet your grandmother loves your visits too! :)

  23. I love the story and this cake! I’ve surprisingly never made an apple cake before, but it seems like a perfect fall recipe :)

  24. Some of my greatest moments on this earth were spent with my Abuelita. I am glad you and your family were able to spend some quality time together eating this lovely cake.

    Love the grated apples. Fantastic photo of the Gala’s to start the post.

    Thanks for all your support!

  25. This sounds amazing! Holy Yum!

  26. Hardly do I see apple cake. I usually come across apple pie :)

  27. What a lovely story, I miss my grandma…and it’s adorable that your girls are baking with you. You are lucky. The cake looks delicious.

  28. This cake is one I could eat and eat; so comforting! and so wonderful with a cup or two of black coffee.

  29. this recipe sounds really divine. thank you for sharing:)

  30. That cake looks wonderful! Pecans and apples make the best baked goods.



  31. Yum! Yum! Yum! Delicious-looking cake. I love your kids’ enthusiasm. ;-)


  32. Very similar to zucchini cake recipe. WOnderful idea. It would be great with a nutty sugar swirl through it, too.

  33. Oh, it looks fabulous. I’m totally loving apple cakes this year! Another one to add to my ever-growing list :)

  34. Mmm…my favourite. I love apple cake. I made twice last week! Yours looks very delicious. I want to make again….very good with a cup of tea in this cold qweather.

  35. Beautiful texture for your cakes, Bonnie! Love the clicks.

  36. I like apples…and apple cakes have always been a favourite of mine in autumn.
    Yours looks perfectly baked!

  37. This was a lovely post. Not only did you share a delicious fall-inspired recipe, but you shared a bit of your sweet heart with us as well! I’m sure everyone (including grandma) felt blessed to share this together. This is what I love about food…how it brings people together! Thanks for sharing!

  38. What a great story! :) And such a perfect coffee cake for the surplus apples we are all flooded with and the wet weather in tow (yuck!) But a thick slice of this with a warm cuppa and I will be in HEAVEN!

    Thanks and I’ll make this soon :)


    Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  39. well I’ll be, this is the recipe I have been waiting for … have tried many apple cakes and this one sounds like it’s for me…

  40. Bonnie~ You brought a tear to my eye and made me desperately miss my grandma! She’s been gone now for almost twenty years, but she was awfully special.

    That is a gorgeous cake! We have apple coming out of our ears, so lots of experimentation going on!

  41. Awe, my grandmothers both had tiny frames too, Bonnie. I always felt so huge next to them. Actually, I feel huge standing next to my own mother!
    I’m glad you all liked the cake. It looks so wholesome and delicious. I’m down here in South Florida now and it seems that mangoes are hanging from the trees. I might have to buy some nice apples and pears soon though;)
    p.s. I don’t have a bundt pan, and I always think they look strange too. Maybe I should get one just to try it?!

    • @ Stella, oh I am loving all the magos we are enjoying too, I am sure you would love it and I bet you could find a way to make it healthier too …smile

      bonnie…ps hope your move is going well

  42. I have never baked fresh apple cake. That is great idea for fall when you get fresh and lovely apples in your farmers market.

  43. Great, quick and simple recipe. Nice story of abuelita. Both my abuelitas are no longer with us…but loved dearly.


  44. what lovely apple cake and would love to see a pic of your Grandmas house sweet post

  45. Lucky Grandma! The apple cake looks absolutely divine! What a nice treat to bring along on your visit. And yes – I finally made the puffy tacos – they were ever bit as delicious as I imagined them to be! And will definitely be on regular rotation in my house.

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  47. Grandmothers are the best. How lucky you are to make something so delicious for her!

  48. Wow that looks good…wonderful family treat :)

  49. How sweet that your girls have so much fun planning to bake something that will please their great-grandma! And how fortunate they are to know her.
    They chose well….this apple cake looks marvelous!

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