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Paletas de Sandía

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Our summers are made bearable with frequent trips to the beach laced with heavy doses of paletas, raspas and agua frescas.   My calendar officially states June 21 as the first day of summer.  Try explaining this to my kids, who crave roaming the beach in search of seashells.  On days that we cannot escape to the beach we cool off enjoying paletas.  Paletas are super easy to make.  They require little time, effort and clean up is  a breeze.   

Paletas can be made from any fruit.  Currently in my freezer I have strawberry, blackberry, peach (ahh rico!), mango, watermelon and honeydew.  Individually wrap with wax paper and your set for the summer.  For those looking for a guilt free snack paletas  are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.   I add no sugar to my paletas, there simply is no need.   By making your paletas with seasonal fruit nature has provided you with the sweetness.  This recipe can be easily adapted to any fruit, but experiment, make it your own summer treat. Enjoy!

Paletas de Sandía
by Sweet Life
By Vianney Rodriguez

serves 10
4 cups seedless watermelon diced
1/2 cup water
1 tsp salt

Place watermelon and salt in blender with just a splash of the 1/2 cup water to get it started.  You don not want to dilute the watermelon flavor.

Pour into a paleta mold, insert wooden sticks  and freeze for about 4 hours.  Run your mold under warm water to loosen the paleta. Enjoy

*If your watermelon has seeds, simply blend with out salt.  Strain to remove seeds bits. Return to blender add salt and blend.

*Try soaking your wooden stick in warm water 20 minutes before using.  This helps the stick to stay in place.

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31 Responses to Paletas de Sandía

  1. These look lovely!
    I just have one question though….why the salt?
    I have made these sort of things before, but years ago…and I didn’t use anything except the pulped fruit and water (or milk, depending if it goes with the fruit)
    What does adding the salt do?

  2. [...] a pretty fun time for all involved.  Aguas frescas are one of the highlights of summer, that and paletas of course.  Fruit blended until shiny smooth, mixed with a bit of water and sweetened to taste. It [...]

  3. Anyone have any idea where to get paleta molds?

  4. These sound like the perfect treat to cool off with during the summer! Love the watermelon flavor too =)

  5. Mmm, I would love one of these right now, it looks so yummy! I love that you don’t add sugar to yours either, I like mine best with the delicious fruit flavors :)

  6. In Arizona, we doing a whole lotta living off of paletas in the summer. Always happy for a new recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Looking forward to making this and the mango paletas back at home in Nigeria were the watermelons are ripe with sweetness and the mangoes dripping with juice!!!!!!!

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  9. Oh, fresh! Before reading this, I was chowing down on a hot pink popsicle, this looks infinitely more refreshing ;]

  10. Oh, I just made paletas last night…I’m thinking watermelon is in our near future, they look great! I need your type of mold. I’m tired of my cylindrical one.

  11. I love making fresh fruit popscicles! I cannot get mine out of the mold as beautifully as you do. It is a constant problem. I have the same mold – bought two sets! Love the way yours look – and, yes, I will try them again!
    Bravo, Bonnie, for once again motivating me.

  12. wow these look amazing one for me and J please

  13. Bookmarking this for when the weather gets hot again. They look fantastic and you’re right, when fruit is in season, there is no need to add sweetness! :)

  14. now Bonnie, this brings back so many good memories, homemade fruit pops just makes me giggle….so nice to be reminded of it again, I think I’m gonna go out and buy some molds, make a batch or two, have a couple and then hand them out to neighborhood kids… I could use a good giggle

  15. Perfect summer treat! Going to check out the Mango Paletas as well!

  16. Ooooh how refreshing this looks!

  17. A very healthy and refreshing idea. I love the fact that it is no sugar, I have try some pineapple and melon, but not watermelon. Yours looks great!

    Have a great weekend :)

  18. What a perfectly lovely summer treat! What could be more lovely than watermelon lollies on a hot day?
    *kisses* HH

  19. Doing this in 5 minutes once I leave this comment! My son and I have a popsicle every afternoon and this is perfect. It just screams goodness and sweetness and refreshment. Seriously, doing it now and will post soon on it! I am not kidding- doing it now!:)

  20. So refreshing and good!

  21. Perfect summery treat! I’m feeling a mango one coming on :)

  22. Ooh, I’ll have to use this recipe on the roasted rhubarb I have leftover. Great idea and post!

  23. I’ve been hearing from some Texan friends that it is just hot, hot, hot right about now. Sounds rough. But I like to hear you’re medicating with frozen fruit – my favorite frozen treat (next to mint chocolate chip ice cream :).

  24. I’ve got to get some of these molds so I can start making these! Yours look so good, and I love that there’s no added sugar! That just wonderful! :)

  25. Delicious lollies!



  26. So refreshing and wonderful!!

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