mojitos 001

My brother is a perfectionist.   Every aspect of his life is met with a complete plan of attack. Plan. Attack. Conquer. He’s a Marine.  Enough said.  One evening I received this text. “How do you make your mojitos?” “Ummm, mint, rum sugar… why?” “I’m having a get together… I want to serve mojitos.. I’ve  tried several… 

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Famous Queso Dip

velveeta queso 026

Famous Queso Dip   My  VELVEETA & Ro*Tel® queso addiction began the evening my Uncle Israel walked into my 13th birthday party carrying this dip in a crockpot. I blame/love him for introducing me to this dip. When I miss my easy going 13 year old life (which lately has been often) I make this dip. Do I share? Sometimes.  Do I feel 13… 

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New Latina

grapefruit soda 023-1

  At the moment I am buried in boxes.  I’m moving!!  I’ll be back in the kitchen soon, but until then why not stop by New Latina and check out my latest recipe. Grapefruit soda. Confession: I have packed 74 sets of margarita glasses.  74 x 4 = 296 … I may have a slight addiction.  


Arroz con Camarón Seco – Rice with Dried Shrimp

rice with dried shrimp 017

Arroz con Camarón Seco – Rice with Dried Shrimp   Nothing excites my 7 yr old daughter more than hotels and shrimp.  She loves weekend trips and even helps my husband chose the perfect place to lay her tiny head.  When we dine there had better be shrimp on the menu. Because a 7 yr… 

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Shrimp Tacos

shrimp tacos 019-1

  Shrimp Tacos Easy, bright, bursting with flavor and healthy is what I crave on the weekends. Shrimp tacos are one of the easiest meals I have in my arsenal for lazy weekends. Weekends should be lazy, breezy and delish don’t you think?  A quick marinade and even quicker relish are prepped. Sauté your shrimp, warm a… 

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