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Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas


 Today I will swim in chocolate, sip on champagne, enjoy love letters, rejoice in love and kiss until my lips […] Read more

Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail


  Blackberries…Lavender….Champagne….together in perfect harmony, just for you. Enjoy!! Need more great cocktails, check out […] Read more

Blackberry Buttermilk Pancakes

    Seizing the opportunity that everyone was home together my little sis decided to throw her girls’ […] Read more

Fresas Con Crema


  Hello my fellow food lovers, how was your weekend?  My weekend was tiredly busy- in a good […] Read more

Blackberry Muffins, again..

  Blackberry season is in full swing here in Texas, making for extremely happy mommy as […] Read more

Papaya Blackberry and Strawberry Smoothie


Every morning of my childhood life I was awaken by papi (my father) in the morning. Read more

Pretty Pancakes


  Hello dears, how was your weekend? Mine was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!  Yup it was one of […] Read more

Fresh Strawberry Dressing


    So we have devoured our heart themed breakfast let’s move on to lunch shall […] Read more

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