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Hello my fellow food lovers, how was your weekend?  My weekend was tiredly busy- in a good way.  It always amazes me how I can be so busy with the girls’, cleaning, washing, picking up (the same toys), cooking only to realize that I have not left the apartment the whole week.  It’s sad I know, but my carefree days of my youth are gone.  So when Friday rolled around I was ready to escape anywhere and more importantly ready to be fed by a nice waitress who would in no time appear with piping warm trays of food.  I have to brag I had the best entomatadas in a small family place in Pharr, Texas and drank enough agaua fresca this weekend to quench away my boring week of chores.  In one week ALL my family is heading home to Aransas Pass, Texas( I am sooo excited!) to spend time together, suddenly the enormous home I grew up in, doesn’t seem to enormous.  So this weekend was spent prepping for the arrival of our family.  The girls needed new dresses for my nephew’s baptism, new pj’s for a breakfast bday party for their cousins and I needed a new purse and cake pans.  Oh yes.. I know yall feel me…a useless cake pan can not be taken pans must be acquired at all measures, even if I must spend hours at numerous  kitchen stores (which was heaven) to find the perfect pan. 

The downside of my weekend getaway was my daily rotation of fruit in my tiny apt fridge.  My little fridge freezes EVERYTHING.  I have tried setting it to the lowest temp, I rotate, I rearrange and nothing works.  What kills me is the fruit that is freezes.  I hate to waste food so frozen  fruit just drives me over the edge.  Fruit in my house is not taken lightly, the girls need their daily ton of fruit intake, hubby loves his fruit shakes and I in these Texas summers  must digest watermelon daily,   so this fridge is a problem.  On Sunday when I finally opened my fridge my strawberries were half-dead.  The guilt was overwhelming.  I had to save those babies.  My saving grace came in the form of  Fresas con Crema.  Here in Edinburg they are the rage.  In every corner, every eatery and I have even seen this concoction served at a drive thru convenient store (yes, I drove thru, I needed a fix).  I love this flavor combo and especially like the thicker style they serve here in Edinburg, not overly sweet, a more sour/ thick crema over sliced strawberries.  Mexican crema is served here with any meal, over tacos, tostadas, flautas….etc.  It is available in any major grocery store and smaller Mexican marts here, I have even seen a canned version.  If you search Fresas Con Crema you will find many versions. Recipes can call for condensed milk or powdered sugar or even heavy cream.  Here is my version.   Enjoy, Sweet Life!

Fresas Con Crema

by Sweet Life

Vianney Rodriguez

tops 2 glasses

1 cup crema mexicana

1/2 cup sour cream

agave to taste

2 cups sliced strawberries

combine in small bowl and sweeten with agave.

drizzle over sliced strawberries.

***THe winners of the Los Barrios Cookbook will be announced Friday, I am still sifting through comments from Thursday, I know I’m such  slacker..***



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    I will have to look for that Crema Mexicana when I get home. Gorgeous photos. I am salivating as we speak. You have truly set the mood!!!! I apologize for being so far behind on my readings. We are still away. In Belgrade now… Paris was such a blast, and I have had some very enlightening moments in Serbia and in Bosnia… but am I ever ready to come home!!! I cannot wait to cook and garden and just BE HOME.

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    I also don’t like to throw away fruits and food from my fridge and will try my very best way to save these babies. You have done a great job! The Fresas Con Crema looks so delicious! Hope you have a great time with your family! 😉

  3. says

    Yum! Great way to use up berries that have been damaged… I aslo hate waste, so any way to use them is a good way, especially when it’s so tasty :)

  4. says

    Simple, fresh, and beautiful, looks like a winner to me! Perfect berries picked in season don’t need anything else to dress them up.

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    Ahh, the quest for the perfect cake pan. I do hope it worked out ;).
    Ehe, I love your little story about the drive-thru convenience store, I didn’t even know those existed!
    It looks and sounds fabulous, those strawberries are probably thanking you for saving them in such a beautiful way, and singing your praises from food heaven ;).

    ~Kurious Kitteh

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    Dear Vianney (why do I call you Bonnie?) – You have such a beautiful name :)

    These are wonderful – strawberries & mexican crema + agave. WOW! I have only ever had mexican crema with avocado so this is lovely.

    Incidentally we both have the same problem with our refrigerators..he…he :)

    Hugs, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

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    Whenever I escape…I feel that coming back to what I escaped from is strangely where I’m most comfortable and somewhat in a space on contentment.
    Your fridge makes me think of a used one I had when I went out to live on my own…a little unbearable and frustrating. It certainly make me appreciate what I now have.

    The photo of your strawberries con crema Mexicana has a few subliminal messages. If you look carefully…many images can be visualized…just beauty in a wonderful, yet simple preparation;o)

    All the very best,

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    I know exactly what you mean about strawberries… I have been eating them for the past 3 days to make sure they dont go bad. They seem to go bad even if the fridge doesnt freeze them…. But why dont you freeze your fruit right before it goes bad? That way it wont go to waste and your hubby can use it for his smoothies.

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    This looks great! One of my childhood favorite snacks was sliced strawberries with condensed milk. I’ve never heard of Mexican crema. I’m so interested now. I should go look for it this weekend!

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    Mmmmm…. love strawberries and I am loving the combination of the creams with them. Lovely :)
    sorry to hear about your apt fridge. We had the same issue when we lived in a flat, but not to your extent. I’m glad you were able to revive some life into the strawberries xoxo

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    this is a taste I have not tried but I know I would like it… have fun with your family, your new pans and good luck with that darn fridge…..

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    Delicious! Sorry to hear about your refrigerator. Mine, full-sized, has started doing the same thing and it’s only ten years old. I have found that by keeping the freezer full, the rest of the appliance operates better. I do not like to have to toss out fresh fruit!!


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    I hate to waste fruit too…seems like I waste half I buy…My fridge freezes everything I don’t wan’t it to…so I know how you feel….Great way to use up those strawberries.

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    Oh Bonnie, that’s so hard to have a fridge that does that! Hmm??? Well, I guess more smoothies and such it could be until it’s fixed or replaced. Frozen fruit does well in the blender…
    The ‘Fresas con Crema’ is beautiful too. I love your photos-they make me want one for breakfast with my coffee!
    p.s. hope you have fun with your family & that you guys relax well.
    p.s.s. I’m still figuring out a lavender post. It’s so fragrant & nice, so I want to do something special with it…

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    Whoa you had a crazy weekend! Glad to see you made it out alive 😛 And not only that, but you seriously revived these strawberries. I love this!

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    Love the second and third pictures – you just have such an eye for styling food!!

    Tell me something I don’t know about picking up after kids and fighting to keep a house from turning into a total sty *pffft*

    Congrats on your nephew’s baptism, and girl, you don’t let anything come between you and those new cake pans 😉

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    wow this looks great I adore your blog well written, would you ever like to do a guest post for chow and chatter on Texan food?


  18. says

    Oh Boy! I know what you mean….sometimes I get stuck at home the whole week too. So much to do…so little time.LOL,The berries with crema looks yummy. :-)

    • Vianneybonnie says

      @Anna I know time does fly, it’s always nice to get out of the house, SMILE!

      great new site…

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    This definitely sounds like a good treat to recover from a busy weekend! I adore strawberries, but have never tried a recipe like this one. It looks delicious!

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    Lovely post. Your pictures are beautiful…berries and cream always make me smile. I’m so glad your family is going to be spending time together. This is so important, and i look forward to hearing about your reunion!


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