Go Texan – Restaurant Round Up – El Terco Seafood- Mc Allen, Texas


  This week Go Texan is celebrating the Lone Star taste of local Texan products, produce and Texas talent in a Restaurant Round Up that feature these wonderful products all to support local foods banks and officially kick of Texas Wine Month.   When I received the email of this event I knew I wanted to participate.  I love promoting local products from my wonderful state, but… 

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bollio 004

  I adore quick satisfying meals that leave you feeling content with out alot of fuss.  Sometimes there is just no wiggle room in our busy day to slave over the stove.  I would love to cook a slow simmering meal each night for my family, but c’mon who are we kidding between homework, soccer practice,… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent – Tony Anderson from What -A-Melon in Edinburg, Texas – Watermelon Yogurt Ice


  Happy Friday to all, I hope your week has been full of accomplished goals mixed with loads of laughter.  We end our fabulous week with Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon today and I cannot express how much I enjoyed this post.  Of course there is the sheer joy of cooking and consuming every dish that… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent- Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon in Edinburg, Texas – Watermelon with Spicy Papaya


Happy Wednesday.  Welcome back to our second installment of Texas Talent with Tony from What – A – Melon.  Please enjoy another piece of my interview and a great recipe.  A tiny bite with a spicy punch, I bring you watermelon with spicy papaya.  More on the recipe a little later in the post, let’s enjoy our… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent – Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon in Edinburg, Texas – Watermelon with Roasted Peach Pepper Vinaigrette


Happy Monday to all and welcome to my second installment of Texas Talent, where I showcase talented Texans who live, love and work in the Texas food industry. Today I have the honor of interviewing Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon located locally here in Edinburg, Texas.  I knew the instant I tasted Tony’s wonderfully sweet watermelons, that I had to chat… 

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Pomegranate Ancho Glaze

pom-ancho glaze 044

        Of all the chiles this wonderful world offers us culinary enthusiast my love my beloved poblano is at the top of my list.  I love the poblano in any of it’s glorious forms either roasted, filled, in rajas, pickled, charred..etc.  But dry this jewel of a poblano and you get nothing other than pure perfection, Chile Ancho.  Chile… 

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