Pumpkin Pie Tamales

Hello my food lovers, did you have a fab time Tricking and Treating? Oh, we had a blast as my girlie’s cleaned up our streets as Batgirl and Robin.  So many houses to visit, so little time.   Well now that Halloween has left with a bang shall we discuss Thanksgiving treat ideas?   


This is the time of season for homemade tamales. Why should tamales only be savory? Let’s sweeten these bad boys up with the taste of pumpkin pie with a mix of pecans and raisins.  Serve as a sweet dessert or a side dish to your meal. Try crumbling some queso fresco on top for a sweet/savory delight. enjoy! Sweet Life.   



Pumpkin Pie Tamales …A delicate pumpkin tamale mixed with Pecans and raisins.

This recipe makes ALOT of tamales, feel free to half the recipe to suit your family needs.

Be sure to taste the filling after you reach the peanut butter stage, season as needed.

Pumpkin Pie Tamales

makes 40-60 tamales

by George Duran for IMUSA USA


40-60 dried corn husks

7 cups Maseca corn flour

2 cups packed brown sugar

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp salt

2 tsp ginger

1 tsp ground cloves

1 tsp nutmeg

2 – 29 ounce cans of pumpkin puree

4 sticks of butter, melted

2 cups of warm water or milk ( i used milk)

2 cups of walnuts, chopped (i used pecans)

2 cups raisins

queso fresco (optional)


Fill a large bowl with warm water and soak corn husks until softened about 30 minutes.

In an extra large bowl add Maseca corn flour and the rest of the dry ingredients. Mix together making sure that all of the clumps are broken up with your fingers. Then add all of the wet ingredients and once again, use your hands to mix.

Add water or milk as needed until your reach the consistency of peanut butter. Fold in the walnuts and raisins.

Assemble the tamales by using a rubber spatula to spread 1/2 cup to 1 cup of the dough mixture onto the corn husk, depending the size of the corn husk.

The spread should cover about two thirds of the corn husk, away from the pointed end, making sure you leave some space on each side to fold.

Gently fold one side of the corn husk to the other end and fold up the pointed end across. Lay each tamale fold-side down. There should be an open end to each tamale.

Once the tamales are folded fill a 24 qt steamer with the tamales adding enough water as need for your steamer.  carefully place each tamale standing up on the steam tray of the rack without overloading it and bring water to a simmer.

Steam with the lid on for 90 minutes.

Remove each tamale with tongs and let rest for a few minutes before serving it as a sweet side-dish or grated with queso fresco.



  1. says

    I miss those orange pumpkins and tamales! I haven’t seen them in ages since they’re not available here.

    Wonderful idea!

    I tried making my own tamales once when I found masa harina (cost a small fortune too). Let’s just say that no Mexican or Tex-Mex community will accept me if they saw how it turned out.

  2. says

    Well first off…everything looks awesome…my tummy’s growling like a man woman! But you just know that I totally want some of your gorgeous pumpkin tamales…what a great idea!

  3. says

    I picked up a few cans of pumpkin puree just in anticipation of a few great recipes like these. Cooking for me is so much more fun when there is a theme or a purpose….like Thanksgiving, for instance.

  4. says

    My Bonnie, Chuls, Pips, EVERYBODY! I just wanted to tell you guys that your super nice pic is posted as the main image on Refrigerator Soup. I imagine that you know, but just in case…;-)

  5. says

    Lately, I’ve combining squash with many different foods, but tamales would be new to me! They sound so good… and I do still have a pie pumpkin on the counter…

    Glad you had a fun Halloween :)

  6. says

    wow, these bad boys are meant for some good eating … love your take, I had these a long time ago, sweet filled tamales I mean, and they are sooooo wonderful….. everything that you girls did sounds and looks just great…. thanks

  7. says

    Yum, My Bonnie! Pumpkin does rock. I would have to agree with Gloria’s statement wholeheartedly (smile). OOh, and your pumpkin tamales sound so nice. That’s like delicious street food for Halloween:) I like the moist, homey look of Hannah’s cake too. Que rico…!

  8. says

    Festive pumpkin fun and your great creative talents in the kitchen…what a combo! I’ll also have to take a closer look at all those accompanying goodies ;o)

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  9. says

    This is such a creative recipe…and such a wonderful round up! Living in Austin, I’m eating my fair share of tamales, but I’ve never tried or seen a pumpkin one. What a wonderful way to add some seasonal flair to a classic Mexican dish. Thank you for sharing!

  10. says

    Pumpkin pie is, I think, the best part of Thanksgiving and you have captured it gorgeously with these tamales! The queso addition is quite genius, I think.

  11. says

    OMG! So much pumpkin goodness!! I feel giddy with delight! Truly can not get enough of my favourite squash. Everything looks divine! The tamales are intriguing – yet to have even my first regular tamale and you’re blowing my mind with this sweet, spicy, pumpkin version!


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