Empanadas de Nutella y Queso

nutella empanadas 082

  I am overjoyed, my mom is with me for a short visit.   We have passed the days sipping coffee, walking at the park and talking food.  She is my idol.  In the kitchen she is queen.  Every cherished childhood food  memory has included my mom and one of her flavorful plates of food.  Her patience, her ease feeding large crowds, the creativity of shaping a  few… 

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Citrus Honey Punch


Citrus Season is in full swing here in the Rio Grande Valley.  As you drive through the valley every fruit stall is brimming with bag after bag of citrus.  One of our favorite times of the year as we enjoy freshly squeezed juice every morning with our breakfast.  Here is a tangy citrus punch made also with local honey.  Enjoy! Sweet Life! Citrus… 

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Mango Agave Granola


  Do you ever have one of those weeks,  I don’t know how to explain it,  just a weird week.   The week was a blur of lost items, confusion in dates and emotional roller coaster.   The family felt my unbalance.  They quickly swooped in, to make fun of me, yes they took any opportunity to crack a  joke.  I have… 

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A few of my favorite things

blackberr yogurt tart 076

    I am at this very moment scrubbing toilets,  up to my eyeballs in laundry and if I survive I might steam my floors.  I leave you with a few of my favorite things, all sweets – a girl needs motivation. Enjoy!  


Pinto Bean Chowder


Growing up the norm in our house was a pot of beans.  Well, not much has changed as I each week make a pot of beans for my family.   Beans aside from being a Hispanic staple are versatile in meal planning.  The possibilities for beans are endless, appetizers, breakfast, brunch, sides, soups and even desserts, yes desserts… 

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