A few of my favorite things



I am at this very moment scrubbing toilets,  up to my eyeballs in laundry and if I survive I might steam my floors.  I leave you with a few of my favorite things, all sweets – a girl needs motivation. Enjoy!  


Fresh Orange and Yogurt Tart


 Dulce de Leche Rice Pudding Cheesecake

Blackberry Muffins


Key Lime Cake with Pepitas

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Lemon Avocado Sherbert



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    A lot of citrus and caramel in these recipes. YUM. You are quite the comedian!
    Gorgeous photos, too, Bonnie!
    One always has to have a reward after cleaning – but I like to bake FIRST, then clean up.

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    These photos are all so incredible, and would be enough to keep me scrubbing toilets and steaming floors all day, if I knew one of these treats were awaiting me when I was all done.

    I have a busy day ahead of me, full of house cleaning, but I’ll come back when I am done to see if there is still time to make one of your delish recipes.

    Don’t work too hard!


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    the blackberry muffins look delicious. blackberries are one of my absolute favorite berries. i am bookmarking that recipe and will be posting about it. :)

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    Oh now I won’t be doing any of the cleaning this weekend too. I will be too busy making orange and yogurt tart, Key Lime Cake with Pepitas, Chocolate Tres Leches Cake and the list goes on.

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    Hey Bonnie :) I love it when you start playing with your food!

    Your orange and yoghurt tart still takes my breath away, and one day, ONE day, I will make that chocolate tres leches beauty. You sound so busy – it almost hurts. Steam floors?!? You just made me feel very dirty ROFL

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    Oh, Bonnie! These are all just lovely. With the emotional stress I’ve been going through lately, I’m sure I could tear through these in a day or two-tops (smile). By the way, that cheesecake looks wicked. How wonderful! I remember that post. I must say though that the yogurt tart is so pretty and sounds healthful too. I should try that…!
    Hope your cleaning gets done soon…

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    I think these are a few of my favorite things now too! I did some massive cleaning at my house today, but I ended the night with a chocolate pudding tart. Perfect! And no…Oscar isn’t one of my professors but his writing is so admirable! Thank you for sharing, my friend.

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    digress cleaning anything, but if I had just one of these waiting for me, I would do it in no time flat … can’t decide which I like best, how about all of ’em

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    talk about torture. deciding where to start from this list is pretty intimidating. your pictures are as good as these deserts look.

    good luck with that steamer.

    Cheers! Scott

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    I rather visualize you baking up a storm as opposed to scrubbing toilets. Bonnie, you practically wiped out my appetite with that one. LOL
    It’s OK…you quickly redeemed yourself with that delectable Dulce de Leche R.P. Cheesecake oozing with cheer.

    Btw…I love your LOVE grapefruits ;o))

    Happy cleaning and come back to a happier place soon!

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