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Spicy Chipotle Beef

spicy chipotle beef 018

 It’s funny when life spins into busy mode I somehow seem to get more accomplished.  Is it that I […] Read more

Roasted Poblano Gordita Burger


Really is this any way to begin a new year?  At this moment thousands of people […] Read more

Pozole Verde


As I mentioned in my earlier post, holidays in our home meant Pozole and bunuelos.  […] Read more

Puffy Tacos with Picadillo or Rajas Poblano con Crema


 You didn’t think I would spend time with Diana all week and not give you […] Read more

Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent Part 3-Diana Barrios Trevino from Los Barrios In San Antonio, Texas-Cortadillo Zuazua and Spanish Rice-Enter to win your own copy


  Hello all another beautiful day, another two great recipes in our week featuring Diana Barrios Trevino […] Read more

Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

  Lately all I wait for is lunchtime, is that weird? A new semester has started for […] Read more

Bolognese Pizza


  One of hubby’s  favs, bolognese pizza.  I quite frankly am not even sure when I began making this […] Read more

Chile Con Queso


  At the same time every year my hubby gets excited, fidgety, and obsessive. Why??? […] Read more