Spicy Chipotle Beef

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 It’s funny when life spins into busy mode I somehow seem to get more accomplished.  Is it that I plan, prepare or pray more?  No.  I simply refuse to have my day taken from me.  I dislike the idea of being so busy, that I am deprived of “my moments.” 


Roasted Poblano Gordita Burger


Really is this any way to begin a new year?  At this moment thousands of people are beginning to put their new resolutions into action.  Configuring their new work out routines, planning  healthier meals , taking life by the horns and I bring you this. A patty Stuffed between a gordita.  


Pozole Verde


As I mentioned in my earlier post, holidays in our home meant Pozole and bunuelos.  Sadly I feel I might not get around to making bunuelos this year, but I do want to share a pozole recipe.  I cannot even begin to count how many times over the years my mom has made pozole.  She typically makes pozole rojo (red) flavored with… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent Part 3-Diana Barrios Trevino from Los Barrios In San Antonio, Texas-Cortadillo Zuazua and Spanish Rice-Enter to win your own copy


  Hello all another beautiful day, another two great recipes in our week featuring Diana Barrios Trevino from Los Barrios in San Antonio, Texas.  Today I feature a dish from the town of Zuazua in the state of Nuevo Leon.  Here is how Diana describes this earthy dish in her cookbook 


Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

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  Lately all I wait for is lunchtime, is that weird? A new semester has started for us again so we have quickly become rattled with buying books (why are they so expensive???) attending classes and reading- reading- reading. I am lucky- this semester all my classes are online, which works out perfectly for me. Hubby attends night classes giving… 

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Bolognese Pizza


  One of hubby’s  favs, bolognese pizza.  I quite frankly am not even sure when I began making this for hubby.   I began watching Rachel Ray every day at 5pm as a ritual, as that began my countdown for the end of hubby’s day in the Army. He would end his day at five, brave traffic and arrive home promptly at 6pm, ready for… 

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Chile Con Queso


  ” src=”http://sweetlifebake.com/sweetlifebake.com/wp-content/themes/traction-pro/images/2009/09/football-cflan-007-1024×768.jpg” alt=”” width=”614″ height=”461″ /> At the same time every year my hubby gets excited, fidgety, and obsessive. Why??? may you ask, hey it’s the beginning of football season. This year he is super excited to finally have Sundays off from work, to loose himself completely in football. Well he gets hungry, really… 

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