Chocolate Margarita

chocolate margarita 014-1

    Chocolate Margarita   Guess what I’ll be sipping on February 14th?  Okay scratch that… Guess what I’ll be sipping on from now until my birthday. Chocolate and Tequila  Really, can the world get any sweeter?  My love of tequila has taken on a whole new level of intensity since these two flavors happily married.  I mean what more… 

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Roasted Grape Margarita

roasted grape margarita 1

 Roasted Grape Margarita 12 grapes or Las doce uvas is the tradition of eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight.  With each grape eaten you make a wish for the New Year.   This is one of my favorite family traditions.  A tradition bursting with hope for the New Year with a few final laughs… 

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Stuffed Poblanos, Horchata and Grapefruit Ginger Key Lime Granita

fiesta 018

     Hey guys we had a small fiesta at our house last night and had every intention to post this last night, but we all started jabbering at the table-the conversation kept going, going, and going.  Does your family break into intense conversations at the dinner table? So we had a fiesta what was the occasion? Let’s see..clean… 

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