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Chocolate Margarita

chocolate margarita 014-1

    Chocolate Margarita   Guess what I’ll be sipping on February 14th?  Okay scratch that… Guess […] Read more

Roasted Grape Margarita

roasted grape margarita 1

     Roasted Grape Margarita   12 grapes or Las doce uvas is the tradition […] Read more

Cinnamon Grapefruitade

  My hubby owns, no take it back..owned a pair of shorts that I tenderly took […] Read more

Ponche Navideno

ponche 028

  My small apartment wafted with the smell of Christmas, a Mexican Christmas, I was thrilled.  […] Read more

Blackberry-Lavender Champagne Cocktail

    Lavender Lizzie, isn’t the color beautiful?  For one ticket/$6.00 you could shop while sipping on  Blanco’s Lavender […] Read more

Agua de Sandia Watermelon Water

     Any Summer when we visited my grandmother in Mexico  you knew exactly what to […] Read more

Poppy Seed Waffles

  Saturday’s at our house have become quite interesting.   Read more

Stuffed Poblanos, Horchata and Grapefruit Ginger Key Lime Granita

     Hey guys we had a small fiesta at our house last night and had every […] Read more