Indian Frybread Taco with Hominy Salsa

fry bread taco 2

A quick bread, frybread often accompanies a meal, similar to the way that tortillas can be torn into pieces and used to scoop bites of food or can be dipped in stews and soups. Frybreads can also be sprinkled with sugar or honey, or used for taco-style dishes. Indian tacos are typically topped with ground… 

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Hominy Quesadillas

hominy quesadillas 013-1

  Hominy Quesadillas   Dinner at our house is major.  Breakfast is usually on the go, on the fly. Lunch is usually leftovers, a quick taquito de aguacate (my favorite) or a heaping bowl of oatmeal. But, dinner is another story.  This is our time. Time to experiment, try a new recipe or perfect a future recipe… 

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Cumin Chicken Hominy Stew

chicken hominy stew 014

  My husband loves Sunday.  Sunday involves rest, relaxation and FOOTBALL!!  My husband also looks forward to FOOTBALL food!!  Messy, saucy, comfort, stick to your behind football food.  He loves it all! Mi amor lives for Sundays, after a stressful week at work.   Every day of the week he drives, he drives and he drives some more visiting his clients…. 

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Pozole Verde


As I mentioned in my earlier post, holidays in our home meant Pozole and bunuelos.  Sadly I feel I might not get around to making bunuelos this year, but I do want to share a pozole recipe.  I cannot even begin to count how many times over the years my mom has made pozole.  She typically makes pozole rojo (red) flavored with… 

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Fresh Corn Flan


Happy Monday my food lovers.  How was your weekend?  I have been plesantly absent from blogging these days , entirely due to the blessing of perfect Texas weather. A week of  humid free days, cooler temperatures and shades of fall surfacing in every corner. What’s a mom to do, but take time to enjoy these days in our local parks.  My… 

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