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Crema De Maíz Pozolero ~ Cream of Hominy Soup

hominy soup, cream of hominy

Crema De Maíz Pozolero ~ Cream of Hominy Soup Growing up mami always knew if […] Read more

Pozole Rojo

pozole rojo, red posole

  Pozole Rojo   Happy 2013! Pardon the interruption, but I had a bit of […] Read more

Indian Frybread Taco with Hominy Salsa

fry bread taco 2

A quick bread, frybread often accompanies a meal, similar to the way that tortillas can […] Read more

Pozole de Frijol

pozole de frijol 020

  Pozole de Frijol It never fails. Every lent season I crave pozole.  Big hearty bowls […] Read more

Hominy Quesadillas

hominy quesadillas 013-1

  Hominy Quesadillas   Dinner at our house is major.  Breakfast is usually on the […] Read more

Cumin Chicken Hominy Stew

chicken hominy stew 014

  My husband loves Sunday.  Sunday involves rest, relaxation and FOOTBALL!!  My husband also looks forward to FOOTBALL […] Read more

Pozole Verde


As I mentioned in my earlier post, holidays in our home meant Pozole and bunuelos.  […] Read more

Fresh Corn Flan


Happy Monday my food lovers.  How was your weekend?  I have been plesantly absent from blogging these days […] Read more

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