Fruit Infused Water

I love water..yes it’s my preferred daily drink. But recently when we all got sick I’m not sure why-but I was having problems staying hydrated. I think  in part  that my throat was killing me and I wanted something warm to soothe me in turn I was downing cups of tea.  Also when I’m sick my taste buds well at least mine feel off- something I usually enjoy somehow taste different- make any sense? Well when I noticed my girls’ were not drinking their share I knew I had to act. I got this idea from Country Living magazine but thought I would put my spin on it to the satisfy my kiddos taste.

Here’s  the idea- pick any fruit your family enjoys..we picked apple, grapefruit and oranges. Slice the fruit, place in a pitcher with a quart of water and chill for a hour and  try to drink that day. The water gets the essence of the fruit and offers a little something different to your taste buds.

My girls’ thought it was amazing idea and enjoyed “something new”

Thier fav was the apple I also added lemon zest to this one.

My fav was the grapefruit…kinda sweet but just a little tart from the skin..lovely

Of course I couldn’t stop there and made ice cubes…

Lemon-grapefruit and strawberry cubes–juice your citrus and add zest or puree your fuit and fill in trays. Enjoy!!




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    I pretty much only drink water too and you are right, when you are sick, it doesn’t taste as good. I would like to try the fruit and water. I’ve had cucumber and lemon waters before, but this would be fun to try! Thanks!

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    This post has gorgeous photos (not that your photos aren’t generally beautiful–because they are). There’s just something very mouthwateringly yummy about these. Must be all the fruit. :)

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    This is a great idea — in a similar vein, I like to add a few thin slices of orange (or lemon, or lime) to a pitcher of water — it looks pretty and gives the water a little boost.

    I bet strawberry slices would be good, too!

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    I’ve stuck lime wedges and cucumber slices in water for a refreshing touch, but I’ve never thought about doing it with apple! I’m going to try that soon!

    When summertime gets here, I’ll be making fruit ice cubes…but I think I’ll put a stick in them for popsicles. Mmm…thanks for the ideas!

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    What a magnificent idea to flavor the water. (Better than spending an arm and a leg at the store for a bottle!) And those ice cubes are great.

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    Definitely like the fruit infused water. It’s tasty and refreshing without too much flavor and no added sugar. I also like a little cucumber infused water. They had it at a spa I went to; very refreshing!

    I guess it is time for spring cleaning eh? I’m sure I have a bag or two to donate. Good for you for really digging deep into your closet and helping the women in need :)


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    I love that idea! I am usually totally against buying bottled water with artificial fruit flavors and inflated price tags, but this on te other hand is 100% natural! I will try it as early as tomorrow and let you know if you’d like! Thanks!

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    Absolutely lovely. I saw this fruit water in Trader Joe’s last year and I was absolutely addicted all last summer. Thanks for reminding me – it really makes for a very refreshing drink. And with your presentation it also looks beautiful :-).
    And I love the idea of making these flavored ice cubed!

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    I love drinking water, but lately I’ve been thinking I could add extra vitamins & minerals to my day if I drank more teas, especially herbal ones. So at night before bed I’ve been making tea with chamomile, ginger & mint, it’s heavenly. The chamomile & mint are from the garden, ginger isn’t (maybe someday). I’m hoping to up the herbs in the garden and experiment with more herbal tonics to stimulate health.

    I do love some lemon in my water and tea as well.

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    You know, I used to do that with water and it was so nice. Thanks for reminding me, as I actually had the same ‘hydration problem’-too much hot tea! I am going to try the grapefruit-there are so many trees with fruit on them in my hollow right now!

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    I do the flavoured water thing with lime, didn’t register that it would work with other fruits! Very cool! Also, your ice cubes are brilliant! Lemon-grapefruit sounds soo good.

    & that’s great that you were able to help out by donating. I have a big pile of stuff for donating, but I somehow never get around to it =(. Must schedule in a day for it!

    Nice post!

    ~Kurious Kitteh


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